Morning, friends! Hope you’re all having a happy weekend and getting excited for the Thanksgiving holiday ahead. Adam and I were out with friends last night way past our typical 10pm bedtime and then (of course) were awakened at the crack of dawn by our two pajama-clad energizer bunnies… so I’m combatting the sleepiness with an extra big cup of coffee, warm fire, and no plans to get out of my sweats any time soon.

We’re hosting a big group of family for Thanksgiving this year, so today I’ll be finalizing my menu plans and diving into alll the tips, planning resources and recipes in our Thanksgiving Cheat Sheet. And if you’re not hosting be sure to check out these great make-ahead recipes to bring with you to the feast. Most exciting, this week our friends at MyDomaine gave us a sneak peek into the LA home of Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent(!!), and it’s pretty jaw-dropping. Scroll on for my favorite rooms from their house, and some great reads from around the web this week…

And for the full Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent Home Tour, hop right over here!

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Make-ahead recipes to bring with you to Thanksgiving.

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