November: Playlist

Bring on the cozy.

By Jamie Pabst

Yep, It’s definitely November.  When the darkening of days and the chill in the air begins to nip at our nose, leaving us running for our fall season items that bring us maximum comfort.   For me, the cooler temps and darker days definitely affect my mood, making positivity and motivation just a little bit tougher than it was during the brighter and warmer days of summer season.

I find myself searching for the best autumn hacks to help me with the ebbs and flows of my mood, and sometimes I need a better solution than my favorite warm sweater or cozy cup of tea to keep me going through the challenging, chilly season.

The one thing that consistently helps keep my spirit high and attitude upbeat is a great music playlist of comfort songs that bring me the coziest of vibes.  Because music is a very mood-based thing, it’s a great tool to have anytime I need a boost.  So for the CS November playlist, I’ve curated a great mix of my go-to comfort songs filled with soothing tunes that make you feel as if you’re sipping hot chocolate in a warm log cabin in the middle of a snowy forest.  Ahhh-mazing! Tune into the playlist below, and follow along all throughout the fall season!

Jamie Pabst is the Camille Styles Music Editor and is a New York based DJ and music curator for positive lifestyles.