The Best Podcasts to Motivate You to Go After Your Goals

That work grind focus.

By Lauren McGoodwin

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What’s not to love about a great podcast? With a long commute, I’ve become pretty dependent on podcasts to help me make the most of my time and contribute to my personal and professional development on the daily. In fact, the ability to start using what used to be wasted time on something more productive is just one of the reasons why I wanted to create my own Career Contessa podcast.

And while I enjoy a wide variety of podcasts, the upcoming season has me particularly interested in podcasts that help me go after my goals and give me that extra motivational push to end 2018 on a high note. So let’s boost our motivation, shall we? Here are 5 of my favorites for helping me go after my goals.

The Femails Podcast

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1. The Femails

Can I take a moment to humblebrag? Career Contessa launched a podcast called The Femails where we cover all things women, work, and what it takes to build a successful career on your terms. Each week I’m chatting with leading women—from authors to creatives, CEOs to happiness psychologists—about redefining a new conversation about women and work. This is a real-talk approach to career development. Promise.

Featured episode: The Ambition Trap and
Why We Meltdown

goop podcast

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2. The goop Podcast
Every Thursday I look forward to goop’s latest episode for a few reasons. First, they have some of the most interesting guests like Oprah, psychotherapist Barry Michels, Janet Mock, and more. Next, I learn so much about the human mind, body, soul, emotions, etc. that I start to find myself second guessing any negative self talk, rethinking why I’m anxious, and just operating from a place of more power. And lastly, I really love Elise Loehnen’s interview style. She asks great questions, lets her interviewees give full answers, and even gets vulnerable when the episode calls for a “guinea pig.”

Featured episodes: Inner Critic and Super Woman Syndrome

clever girls know podcast

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3. The Clever Girls Know

Thinking about money and managing finances usually doesn’t hit anyone’s list of favorite activities. This is why I really enjoy Bola’s podcast and her website, Clever Girl Finance. Both the podcast and website offer tons of digestible and not overwhelming resources to help you become more money savvy. I usually listen to an episode or two on payday so I’m extra motivated to stay committed to my long-term money goals.

Featured episodes: Feel Great On a Budget and Why Traditional Finance is Overwhelming3. 

the good company podcast

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4. Good Company

Somewhere in a past life I must have been an artist—or at least much more creative than current day-to-day because I love learning from designers, artists, and more about how they combine creativity and business. This is a recently-launched podcast from Design Sponge’s Grace Bonney who’s an excellent interviewer and will definitely keep you motivated to pursue your creative projects, side-hustles, and full-time careers.

Featured episodes: Genevieve Gorder and Justina Blakeney

no limits podcast

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5. No Limits
Hosted by ABC News correspondent, Rebecca Jarvis, No Limits, provides motivation for every stage of your life. Whether you’re just looking to hear a really good (and inspiring!) story, thinking about launching your own business and want to know where to start, or wonder how some of the most powerful female leaders do their “thing,” you’ll find it here. Rebecca and the No Limits team also make sure to ask the tough questions around mistakes, failures, trade offs, and more which I appreciate because I want to hear the real story—not just the good moments.

Featured episodes: Bozoma Saint John and Sarah Robb O’Hagen

I’d love to hear from you! What are some of your favorite podcasts? Let me know in the comments below!