10 Puzzles That Will Keep the Whole Family Entertained (and Off Screens!)

One for every age and stage.

By Brandy Joy Smith
plaid pajamas on christmas morning

I think it’s safe to say that kids’ puzzles are back with a vengeance and, in my opinion, they could not have made their comeback at a better time. I can’t be the only parent who feels like every family activity involves a screen, can I? From game consoles to streaming platforms to iPad activities, it was starting to feel like good old fashioned offline family time had become a thing of the past! Enter so many new puzzles for families, a traditional activity that has come back like an old friend… and we’re so happy it did. 

You may or may not know, but puzzles have been around since the 1700’s making them one of the longest lasting and most beloved activities ever. And since the pandemic, their popularity has only continued to rise. When the first lockdown issues were ordered in 2020, there was a massive surge in demand for kids puzzles. In fact, puzzle manufacturers saw sales go up by 300 to 400%, and, due to pandemic-related production delays, they quickly sold out of popular items!

Personally, puzzles make me think of my grandmother because she is always working on one. Puzzles help you lean in and give people a reason to catch up and chat.

When we were a bit older, there would always be one in the works on her coffee or kitchen table. We would drink hot cocoa and compete to see who got it done the fastest. She taught us to work in clusters and get the border done first. Honestly, I can’t remember a single specific puzzle but I have such strong memories of the time we spent working on them together.

It’s for this reason that puzzles are so special. With other people, they can encourage deep connections and conversations as you work towards a common goal. On your own, they can help you to meditate, unplug, and nourish your brain—not to mention relieve anxiety or stress, too.

Ready to reignite your love for puzzles this holiday season? Here are 10 of the best puzzles for families to enjoy!  

Ages 12 months & up

Plantoys Marine Puzzles

For the littlest puzzler in your life. PlanToys manufactures wooden toys from preservative-free rubberwood and other safe materials. Encourage fine motor skill development and an introduction to marine life.

Plantoys Marine Puzzles, $34.15

Ages 2 & up

Plantoys Gears Puzzle

The wooden puzzle piece that sparks the imagination and creativity with movable gear pieces is so much more than your average kids puzzles.

Plantoys Gears Puzzle, $50

Janod Toys Sweet Cocoon Alphabet Puzzle

Everyone needs an alphabet puzzle and this one gets high marks for the beautiful design, chunky letters that are easy to grab, nontoxic material, and a bonus blackboard on the reverse side to practice writing letters.

Janod Toys Sweet Cocoon Alphabet Puzzle, $27.99

Ages 5 & up

Djeco Giant Floor Puzzle – Leon the Dragon

Keep your child busy for an hour or more with this life-size puzzle. With 58 pieces and measuring just over 4.5 feet long, you’re guaranteed a few minutes of quiet time while your child puts this beautifully illustrated kids puzzle together.

Djeco Giant Floor Puzzle – Leon the Dragon, $23

Arteza Kids Jigsaw Puzzle Set

I can’t get enough of these 2-in-1 puzzles. This puzzle comes with five superhero design cards, five frames, 16 crayons, and six glitter glue tubes. Spend the day crafting and then put your puzzle together.

Arteza Kids Jigsaw Puzzle Set, $17.99

Ages 8 & up to adult 

Mudpuppy Lego Rainbow Bricks

This 1000-piece puzzle is sure to be a challenge for the entire family and who doesn’t love a Legos-themed product? Keep the family time going with a matching set of cards. This is the perfect family gift idea. 

Mudpuppy Lego Rainbow Bricks, $17.99

Mudpuppy Little Scientist 500 Piece Puzzle

Need a conversation starter or a way to sneak in a history lesson, then this puzzle is for you. Featuring real people that have made a historical impact in the world of science and technology. It features 500 pieces made from 90% recycled paper. All around good family fun!

Mudpuppy Little Scientist 500 Piece Puzzle, $13.99

KAWS Jigsaw Puzzle

For the hip-kid or art lover in your life, this Kaws puzzle is sure to be a hit. Get a discount on the puzzle if you are a MoMA member. It may be on the pricier side but if it gets your teen to spend some quality time it might be worth it. They can always frame it for their room.

KAWS Jigsaw Puzzle, $55

Shutterfly Photo Gallery Puzzle

Need a puzzle for grandma and grandpa? How about a custom one with a photo of the grandkids? With options for 60-1000+ pieces. Nothing pulls as the heartstrings like a custom puzzle.

Shutterfly Photo Gallery Puzzle, $21.99

Anthropologie x Jiggy Mesa Sunrise

Keep it classic and chic with this collaboration puzzle. Jiggy makes kids puzzles family fun and beautiful to store in their clear and cork container. Each puzzle includes a tube of glue so you can frame your art. Love puzzling? Jiggy has a puzzle membership subscription.

Anthropologie x Jiggy Mesa Sunrise, $49