#StayHome with Hannah Zahner

Books and beauty products FTW.

By Camille Styles
Hannah Zahner

*ed. note: During this time of social distancing, our need for community and connection feels stronger than ever. As the Camille Styles team adapts to WFH life (and catches up on regular video calls), it felt like the perfect time to share a more personal side to the editors you’ve come to know through their contributions to this site. These women are some of the most insightful, stylish, and kind humans in my orbit, and I hope you’re as inspired by them as I am. Kicking off our #StayHome miniseries is our wellness and beauty editor, Hannah Zahner. Read on for a peek at how she’s staying happy and healthy at home (I just ordered her overalls.)


How have you been spending your time while sheltering at home?

I’m hunkered down with my boys – my husband Bryan and six-month-old Soren. Since having my son, I’ve been working from home most of the week, so things aren’t too different and my husband works in the “essential” category so he is partly working in the office still. My days consist of taking care of my babe, emails, writing, and working for Camille Styles, and keeping up with my hair and makeup biz (and all the date changes happening in the wedding industry). Also, house stuff and making space for creating – recently it’s been sculpting or sketching. I’ve also gotten wayyy into baking gluten-free goodies.

Reading anything good?

Currently alternating between Where the Crawdads Sing and No Drama Discipline.

cookies, chocolate chip, kitchen, baking
What are you cooking?

This chocolate chip cookie recipe is literally the best vegan + gf one I’ve ever had and I may have already made it four times in the past couple weeks. They’re chewy, gooey and delish and my husband loves them, which is saying something. This gluten free skillet bread is next on my list.

What are you binge-watching?

I’m slightly embarrassed to admit this, but I just started watching KUWTK for the first time in my life and omg it’s addicting. My husband and I also started watching Jack Ryan together.

Hannah Zahner, linen, outfit

Go-to stay home outfit?

Anything comfy and easy. My WFH wardrobe formula is a monochromatic look (finished with a quick swipe of makeup) – it makes any pairing look put together whether it’s sweats, leggings, linen or denim. Currently living in a white tee + these linen overalls from Target. Such a steal.

My go-to quick clean beauty routine in the morning wakes me up, makes me feel a little more alive + helps me look presentable if I need to hop on a meeting call. My current faves are below!

clean beauty, makeup

clean beauty, oil, skincare

What beauty product makes you feel pampered?

There’s nothing like applying oil all over after a long shower or detox bath. I’m loving this for my body and this Kypris face oil for my face – I’m down to my last drops of the face oil so savoring every application. It’s pricey, but my skin loves this stuff.

Doing any at-home workouts?

We have a little home gym in the garage, so I’ve been working out there with my husband a couple nights a week and sprinkling in some virtual workouts with my sisters or friends during the day. We usually grab a 15-30 minute bodyweight or pilates Youtube workout.


Best immunity-boosting tip:

I start my day with a cup of tea (I’ve been brewing this blend of orange peel, clove and green tea) and head outside for some grounding with Soren. We throw down a blanket and spend some quality time with our toes in the grass and dirt every morning, and usually in the late afternoon too. Not only is it great exploring for Soren, grounding has so many amazing benefits for reducing stress + boosting your microbiome and immune system.

Where do you turn when you need a good laugh?

The Office or Parks and Rec always come through. Watching an episode together after the babe goes down is one of our favorite ways to laugh.

tea, mug, living

How does living life “like you mean it” look to you right now?

There’s a lot circulating around right now about how we can use this time to write a book, deep clean our whole house and create some amazing masterpiece.

And while yes, this time is totally a gift and I am excited for all the extra projects I’ve been able to knock out, I’m purposing to use this time to live slowly and intentionally.

For me that means getting myself ready for the day, making sure I’m eating nourishing foods, getting outside every day and making space for myself to create. I’m mostly staying away from mainstream news (per usual) and just soaking up this slower-paced living.