The 3 Best Lower Ab Exercises to Tone Up for Bikini Season

Muffin top be gone.

By Marnie Duncan
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Lower abdominals are one of the hardest areas to target on a female body. We’ve come up with three of our favorite moves that work your abs and focus on the transverse abdominals. Our secret at MOD Fitness for abdominals is to think about the mind/abdominal connection while controlling the movement. Breathing is an important part of our cues and motivation through a challenging set.

You will strengthen your back, improve your posture and balance, and slim your waistline with strong abdominals.

Stabilizing Ab Work with a Pilates Ball

  1. Start by lying on your back and place the pilates ball underneath your lower back. Use your arms to stabilize your body and help you balance by pressing them into the floor.

  2. Bring your knees into a 90-degree angle over your hips. Pull your abdominals in towards your spine and imprint your lower back into the ball while maintaining a neutral spine.

  3. Begin to alternate your legs and tap your toes to the floor and bring them back to the tabletop position.

  4. Do this for 1 minute and repeat.

Dead Bug

  1. Start by lying on your back in a neutral spine. Curl your head, neck and shoulders off the floor and lift your knees to a 90-degree angle over your hips.

  2. Begin the move by lifting your right arm to your ear and extending your right leg straight. Switch sides and lift your left arm by your ear and extend your left leg straight.

  3. Throughout the exercise keep your pelvis and spine neutral and your abdominals stable.

  4. Do this 20 times. To modify the exercise keep your head, neck and shoulders on the floor.

Half Dolphin Plank with Knee Bend

  1. Start in a forearm plank with your elbows under your shoulders and forearms parallel to your body. Extend your legs straight with your toes curled under.

  2. Start by raising your hips up into a half dolphin by pressing your forearms into the ground and pulling your abdominals up towards your spine.

  3. Lower back down into your forearm plank.

  4. Bend your knees while keeping your hips still and extend your legs straight to complete the exercise

  5. Do these four steps for 1 minute and repeat the ab series from the beginning.