Do These 4 Moves to Tone Your Triceps

By Marnie Duncan
triceps moves

At MOD Fitness we pay special attention to our triceps during our upper body series. We like to call triceps the transformation muscle, which is why we never skip this super important part during a barre class. Our triceps and biceps play an important role in pushing, pulling, extending and flexing the arm, which is why it’s crucial to keep them strong. For that reason, we’ve put together four tricep-focused exercises that will tone and tighten the backside of your upper arms so you can sport your sleeveless tanks and dresses all year round.

Kneeling Tricep Extensions with Weights

  1. Start in a kneeling position with your knees hips-width apart. Reach your arms overhead with weights in hand.  Mount your ribs into your body, pull your abdominals in towards your spine, and relax your shoulders.

  2. Lower your forearms back behind your head to engage your triceps.

  3. Open your elbows to the sides and then squeeze them together.

  4. Extend your arms straight overhead and repeat 30 reps.

Plank to Row and Tricep Kickback Combo

  1. Begin in a straight arm plank position with one light weight in your right hand. Hands are shoulder width apart and legs are extended straight with toes curled under.

  2. Start with a row by lifting your upper arm up towards your body. Exhale and extend your forearm straight to target the tricep.

  3. Curl your forearm back towards your shoulder and place your hand back on the floor for 1 rep.

  4. Do this 10 times on the right side and repeat on the left. To modify come into a tabletop position on the floor.

Bridge with Tricep Extension

  1. Lie on your back with arms extended straight.

  2. Press your feet into the floor and raise your hips up to a bridge pose

  3. Bend your elbows over your head to engage your tricep while keeping elbows in line with your shoulders

  4. Extend your arms straight for 1 rep. Do this 20 times. Add bridge raises for extra glute and hamstring work.

Reverse Plank Tricep Dips

  1. Start by sitting on the floor with your legs extended straight and your hands in line with your shoulders. Hands should face your glutes to alleviate wrist pressure.

  2. Raise your hips off the floor into a reverse plank position. Shoulders should be pulled back and down.

  3. Bend your elbows and lower into a tricep dip. Extend your arms straight for 1 rep.

  4. Do 12 reps. For a modification keep your hips on the ground.

tutorial by Marnie Duncan of MOD Fitness

photography by Dagny Piasecki

location SHDW Studios