Dallas has always been famous for it’s high end shopping, but there are some great bohemian boutiques and vintage spots hidden in the city, too. Artist and designer Myriah Williamson is the founder of OpalMilk, an online shop that carries her original paintings, jewelry designs, and clothing (we’re obsessed with Novia, her collection for the alternative bride.) She’s been living in Dallas for the past five years, and has grown to love the city for it’s walkable neighborhoods and artistic shops. “I’ve really fallen in love with the ‘funk’ of Texas,” she says. “There’s such a HUGE variety of people here, and they’re all passionately involved in whatever it is they’re doing. Dallas truly values a passionate individual and lifts them up in any way it can.” Read on for Myriah’s picks for the coolest shops in Dallas. Happy shopping:

Myriah Williamson, founder of OpalMilk.

Photo by Julia Soniat

“I’ve fallen in love with the ‘funk’ of Texas.”

image by elizabeth lavin

Shop Beatnik

“Hands down my very favorite place to shop for clothing, gifts, home etc is Shop Beatnik in Bishop arts. The owner is just the sweetest and she has worked SO hard to curate the perfect boutique that has something for EVERYBODY. Super fair prices on quality new clothes, as well as vintage, and their home section is all hand selected pieces from Morocco. They are very involved in the community – they are always throwing super fun parties and events!”

Deep Ellum Denim

There is NOWHERE else to get denim (male or female). These guys seriously know their stuff and put quality above all else. They just opened their first real location down in Deep Ellum and have already been hosting musicians and having a great time with it in their space — I can’t wait to watch them grow.”

Sabah House

“Their little flats are so classic and they host little pop ups with vendors who have stolen my heart — they do such a great job of inviting people who are truly involved in their craft and it makes me so happy buying direct from good people!”

Jade & Clover

“I love Jade & Clover in Deep Ellum because the store itself is stunning and so fun to shop around in — great gifting spot!”


If you haven’t been in there, you need to. Even if you aren’t a flower head like myself — you’ll love it. They truly make art out of house plants.”

Myriah Williamson, founder of OpalMilk.

Photo by Kalan Briggs 


Unique plants and pots for the modern gardener.”

The Farmers Market

Odd as it may sound, I really like to shop around all the little places in the farmers market. Perhaps more for the experience than anything, but on occasion I have found super great scores like rugs, vases, and incredible hand made cards by this company called Whiski Designs.”

image by rare heart vintage

Pop Up Flea Markets

The little pop up flea markets around town are where I get all my good vintage. Rare Heart Vintage  pops up at places like Double Wide and the Granada and she ALWAYS has the best stuff.”

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