What to Watch on Netflix When It’s Too Hot to Go Outside

Get your binge on.

By Phoebe Neuman

This summer, we’ve been talking a lot about the importance of seizing the moment. We’ve been putting our phones down, getting outside as much as possible, connecting with friends, taking a new hobby for a spin, and simply being grateful for all life offers each of us today.

But what about when we just need to chill? Let’s be real: we’ve got zero hesitations about turning to Netflix when all that moment-seizing leaves us wanting to kick up our feet for the evening.

Whether you’re into true crime or just need to LOL, this list has got you covered next time you’re looking to park it on the couch with a cold drink in hand. Not every recommendation here is a brand-new show (and we’re leaving off heavy hitters like Queer Eye and Stranger Things because, duh), but we’d consider all of these worthy of a binge session.

Scroll on, and let the Netflix and chill begin.

image by jennifer rose smith

Holy Hell Netfliximage by IMDB

Holy Hell

If you spent last summer obsessing over Wild Wild Country, sit down and watch Holy Hell ASAP. The documentary explores the strange story of the Buddhafeild cult and its mysterious leader Michel from the perspective of the group’s former videographer, Will Allen. The documentary contains over 20 years of Allen’s footage, and is absolutely riveting.

derry girls netfliximage by IMDB

Derry Girls

If you’re into dry British humor (or the full-on debauchery of The Inbetweeners like me), Derry Girls is for you. The second season of the comedy, which follows a group of 16 year-old-girls as they come of age during the Irish Troubles of the early 1990s — will hit Netflix on August 2nd, so you’ll have 12 episodes to binge. You’re welcome.

Easy Netfliximage by IMDB


If you loved Lovesick, Easy is going to be right up your alley. The 25-episode anthology follows a group of loosely-connected Chicagoans (played by a cast complete with heavy-hitting guest stars like Orlando Bloom and Aubrey Plaza) as they stumble awkwardly through love, technology and modern culture. You’ll snap it up in a long weekend no problem.

mindhunter netfliximage by IMDB


This true crime drama — which follows Holden Ford and Bill Tench as they interview the most notorious serial killers of the 1970s in hopes of unlocking the psychology behind why they do what they do in order to catch active criminals — made waves when it first premiered in 2017. Now, you can expect to see more from Ed Kemper and Dennis Rader, and a few more of horror’s heavy hitters when the new episodes drop on August 16.

 body gaurd netfliximage by IMDB


This political drama took the U.K. by storm when it premiered last year, and for good reason. The excellently written series follows war Veteran David Budd (played by heartthrob Richard Madden) as he finds work protecting the controversial and ambitious home secretary, Rt. Hon. Julia Montague, MP — the very person responsible for the conflict Budd was caught in overseas. The pair grows close despite their differing political views, and warmed a nation’s heart in the process.

Schitt's Creek Netfliximage by kveller

Schitt’s Creek

This cult-classic comedy series follows Johnny and Moria, a now-broke video-store magnate and soap-opera star, as they are forced to relocate to Schitt’s Creek — a country town they bought years earlier as a joke. Hilarity and a clash of cultures ensues that fans of The Good Place and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt will love.

the sinner netfliximage by IMDB

The Sinner

The first season of The Sinner made waves as it followed a young mother (played by Jessica Biel) as she comes to grips with a crime she has no idea why she committed. Once you breeze your way through those eight episodes, you can roll right into season two — which features a new cast of characters, but all of the same twists and turns.

the office netfliximage by NBC  universal

The Office

Okay, so this one’s obviously not a groundbreaking recommendation for what to watch on Netflix. But seriously, if you haven’t watched The Office yet or are considering re-watching it, now is the time! The sit-com classic leaves Netflix at the end of this year.