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The 5 Rules of Being a Feminist At Work

March 30th, 2018

In sitting down to research this piece, it wasn’t lost on me that the Career Contessa office is unlike any other when it comes to advocating for women. At the moment, we’re a 100% woman team, run by a woman CEO, and writing articles and throwing events specifically to help other women. And we’re doing it in very close quarters — operating out of an open office space where we punt questions back and forth all day, run most of our meetings while stretched out on a “millennial pink” couch while also occasionally deep diving into a black hole you might know as videos of cats climbing into La Croix boxes.

So yeah, we like each other and we respect each other’s work. But it’s always a learning curve, especially in an entrepreneurial startup environment. Sometimes the fear of hurting feelings means that we avoid giving feedback openly — or at least, awkwardly couch it in a few circular, stumbling statements. And someone’s bad day can translate into snapping at a coworker in a meeting, causing unfair embarrassment.

In the spirit of women supporting women, I’ve pulled together five cardinal rules to help you better advocate for the women around you. Because even this team experiences the occasional misfire. We may be the better sex, but we’re still only human.

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  2. Love this article, it has some excellent reminders! I work in a mostly male dominated environment, at a web development and digital marketing agency. Out of 35 members of staff, only 6 of us are female. The guys and girls I work with are great but I am constantly calling out sexism. From one guy asking if my husband helped me build my travel blog (because apparently women can’t do anything technical), to another guy saying he was surprised I understood something because I’m a women (because again, it’s far too technical for a woman to understand!!!). It’s not that they are directly using sexism against me, they just don’t think about it, because these behaviours are so ingrained. It’s only by calling them out that this sort of behaviour will stop.

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