This time of year, it’s hard to resist Mother Nature’s gravitational pull to venture into the great outdoors. Being a city dweller in NYC, the concrete jungle makes any attempts to find lush, green life rather challenging.

Seeking out the “scenic routes” in the city can typically consist of something akin to a walk past the flower bodega or a detour through a nicely groomed, tree-lined street.  While this may not sound like much, just a quick glimpse of new plant life or the fragrance of fresh flower blooms is an immediate mood booster and I’m instantly and simultaneously calmed, reinvigorated, and engaged in mind and spirit. (Hey, a city girl will take what she can get!)

I think we can all agree that whether you live in an urban city center, countryside or somewhere in-between, having some natural life around us is essential to our sense of well-being.  The hypothesis of biophilia suggests that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature, and it’s important to gain the physical, psychological, and spiritual benefits of biophilia—whether in the far wilderness, a nearby garden, or our own homes or offices.

image by urban outfitters

image by luisa brimble for leaf supply

The world-renowned neuroscientist (and one of my all time favorite academics), Oliver Sacks, once said, “In 40 years of medical practice, I have found only two types of non-pharmaceutical “therapy” to be vitally important for patients with chronic neurological diseases: music and gardens.”

I couldn’t agree more, and I say we all embrace Dr. Sacks wisdom whole-heartedly this month by seeking out the powerful, physiological combination of both nature and music. 

Music has very similar characteristics to biophilia in the sense that it gives us an instantaneous therapeutic attachment to something “alive.”   

I’ve curated a playlist lyrically inspired by Mother Nature’s finest features…mountains, rivers, sunshine and the great outdoors to give you a little bit of spring-fresh inspiration to kickstart your month of outdoor adventures and nature appreciation.  Tune in below and follow our Spotify channel!

Jamie Pabst is the CS music editor and NYC-based DJ and tech entrepreneur.

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