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Your 2017 #CSCleanse Shopping List

May 15th, 2017

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5 Comments under :: Your 2017 #CSCleanse Shopping List
  1. Rachel S. says:

    Is the shopping list enough for 1 person or more?

    • The shopping list is for 1 person, so feel free to double, triple, etc as needed!

      • Rachel S. says:

        Great, thank you!

      • V says:

        My boyfriend and I did the cleanse together this year and loved it! Great recipes, most of which have made it into our regular menu rotation. However, without carefully reviewing first, I went ahead and ‘doubled’ the shopping list for the two of us and ended up with WAY WAY WAY too much food for the two of us for the week. Especially when it came to herbs for the pesto and fresh produce. I spent most of my week trying to figure out ways to freeze and preserve the excess food for later. Perhaps next year you could create a shopping list for one and a shopping list for two or more to avoid this hiccup as I imagine lots of your readers are doing the cleanse as a couple or with a roommate/friend/etc.

        • Jennifer Rose Smith says:

          Hi V and thank you so much for this feedback. We’ll make sure to be more explicit in the future with how many people the grocery list will serve. Glad you enjoyed the cleanse and hope you will be back for 2018!

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