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Liv and Reynold

January 21st, 2016

If you happened to catch our wellness makeover announcement earlier this month, then you already know we’re excited to approach 2016 with an overall focus on health and well-being. Taking a deeper look at our current content, we felt there was an important piece of overall wellness that was lacking: that of dating, love, and romantic relationships.

So with this first story we happily introduce our newest series “It Couple”, where we’ll be discovering real life love stories (and even dating advice!) from inspiring couples around the world. Our first pair is one with an unbelievable meet cute, and a palpable sense of romance still three years into their marriage. Liv Toepfer is an event planner at Liv by Design, owner of The Good Life Furniture Collection as well as a yoga teacher. Her husband, Reynold, is a commercial real estate broker and Survivor alumn. Liv and Reynold aren’t afraid of much: they moved across the country sight unseen to be together, took their one year old baby on a trip to Bali and Japan, meditate, and make annual inspiration boards together. After just one afternoon with Liv and Reynold, I was inspired by what two people with completely open hearts can accomplish together as a team. Our hearts are a flutter.

photographed by jessica attie

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  1. This is one of my favorite posts I have ever read on Camille Styles. It’s obvious how close a bond Liv and Reynold share and some of their advice is really thoughtful. We are getting married in August, so I’m definitely looking forward to move similar stories on love, relationships, and marriage.

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  2. eva says:

    What an interesting post! I think it’s very useful and Ive taken some of their advices, for sure.
    Thanks for this kind of readings, that make me think and become better person.
    Kisses from Barcelona!

    • Jennifer Rose Smith says:

      Besos Eva! Y muchas gracias por leer nuestro blog y compartir sus opiniones. (Ahora estoy aprendiendo español así que estoy emocionado de tener la oportunidad de practicar.) Estamos excitados con estas nuevas historias, también! Gracias.

      • Laura says:

        Your Spanish is fabulous, Jennifer! Just a small tip on ‘excitado’ as it tends to be used when describing excitement of a more sexual nature ;). Kudos for your courage to speak in a new language!

        • Jennifer Rose Smith says:

          Haha! Thank you for the correction, Laura. Much appreciated! Hopefully I will not get THAT excited about this series.

          • Laura says:

            Learning a new language requires a great sense of humor! You seem to do very well with both. Cheers!

  3. Jean Miller says:

    Love the post! Kinda feel silly for asking, but what brand is Liv’s watch?

  4. Love this new series!!! My husband and I host a podcast together called Marriage is Funny (because it is!) and even thought we have been married for 8 years, I always love learning more about the in-ands-outs of other relationships… Can’t wait to follow along, and thanks for sharing Liv + Reynold!

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