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5 Moves to Get Bikini-Ready Now

May 6th, 2016

From Marnie, owner of MOD Fitness: Summer comes early for us in Texas, so we like to incorporate these fat-blasting moves at MOD Fitness during the spring to increase your heart rate and tone the entire body. Grab your stopwatch and do each of these exercises for one minute, then repeat the set twice for a quick 10-minute workout that will make you feel swimsuit ready in no time!

photography by Molly Winters; wardrobe from Outdoor Voices; location is MOD Fitness; featured image from Free People

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3 Comments under :: 5 Moves to Get Bikini-Ready Now
  1. Quick, effective moves. Very nice!

  2. Love all of those bikini.
    Very wonderfull.
    Consulenza di immagine

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