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How To Make The Most Of Your Downtime

July 31st, 2017

Have you ever woken up and wondered, “What did I do last night?” And no, I’m not talking about after a late night out with friends, but a run of the mill Wednesday night at home. Next thing you know, you’re back at your desk wondering where your time off went and how you could be back at work already.

Now that you’ve had your coffee and some time to think, you do remember getting through four episodes of House of Cards last night. And catching up on all of the newest Instagram posts. And there was that enlightening Buzzfeed quiz that revealed what your favorite cheese is.

We’ve all had nights like these. And sometimes they are beyond necessary! But if you feel like your week solely revolves around work, it might be time to change how you’re spending your after work time. You have all the tools the be productive at work, so why not at home?

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7 Comments under :: How To Make The Most Of Your Downtime
  1. So true!! I made a resolution to read a book this year and have actually stuck to it because I made it a priority 🙂 I need to check out that Laura Vanderkam book!

  2. Cynthia says:

    This is so relevant and true. Technology was supposed to make our lives easier and certainly it has…though it is an incredible time suck. It’s amazing how much found time you will have if you simply leave any and all screens out of the picture for a set time period each day!

  3. very useful and ispirational post
    Miki xx

  4. daeyz says:

    Great inspirational post! I need to be be better with how I spend my time after work!


  5. Catia says:

    I’m already in a good root, but there a key few points that you make here that will help me move further. I just came back from vacation where I spent most of my time reading since I always feel I haven’t got the time during the rest of the year. Which, as you point out, it’s not true! So I’ll work on that!

    We already are taking salsa classes on the evenings though, it’s a lot of fun! And I also enjoy spending my evenings and weekends creating new content for my blog, and getting busy on new sewing projects for my wardrobe and tutorials!

    I’ve also found the more you skip these activities, the more demotivated you become. So push yourself even if it feels hard at the moment, the regarding feeling later will give you a real boost!


  6. Kelly says:

    Agree! Great tips! Thank you for inspiration!

  7. Kate // High Low Baby says:

    Time management is tricky (to be sure) but it’s always good to reframe how we’re prioritizing our time. I know this post will stick with me!

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