I never used to be one of those people with a bedtime skincare ritual. Most of the time, I’d just swipe at my face with a makeup-removing wipe and smear on some face cream before hitting the sack. I also used to suffer from insomnia. Coincidence? I’m starting to think that maybe it wasn’t.

Now that I’m a mom, I actually really appreciate routines way more than I did before. Babies are really just tiny adults, so realizing how much my son loved his routines and schedules really made me think about the rhythms of my own day. I would never just take my kid from doing something active and stick him in bed, so why did I expect myself to do the same? I swear there’s something about those bedtime rituals that give my son Jack so much comfort, and the Pavlovian response is that he starts to feel tired because of the routine. The human brain is incredible, truly.

So, I’m happy to report that I now take my bedtime wind-down routine much more seriously—and my sleep schedule and my skin are both happier for it. I’m normally a pretty low-maintenance gal (I know, weird for a beauty editor, but true), but I’ve been amazed at how taking the time to meticulously apply the same products every night really do relax me, and make me feel like I did something good for myself.

So, without further ado, read ahead for the PM primpers that I’ve been swearing by:

featured image by morgan lane

The Seaweed Bath Company Firming Detox Cream

If I shower or take a bedtime bath, I always follow with a rich body cream. I’ve been absolutely loving this pick by Seaweed Bath Co.—the most soothing rosemary-mint scent, and a nice, rich formula.

Aqua Bomb Sleeping Mask

I love Belif. The scents and textures of their products are kind of incredible—and this new sleeping mask is no exception. Simply apply instead of moisturizer, leave on overnight, and wake up to perfectly hydrated skin.

Black Pine Antiaging Firming & Lifting Sleeping Facial by Korres

Need a lift? Swipe on this toning and firming overnight mask before bed—black pine polyphenols, this rich cream helps to support the skin’s elasticity.

Perricone MD Brightening Overnight Treatment

So, I don’t quite have dark spots yet (thanks for raising me covered in sunscreen, mom!), but I can see very subtle freckles around my eyes that I know were caused by sun exposure. No better moment to try out a brightening overnight treatment to even out skin discolorations over time.

Lavender Water by SW Basics

Lavender, always, every. My skin loves it, my brain loves it, everything loves it. Trust me and stash this on your bedside table; it’ll make bedtime feel positively luxurious.

Everyday Oil by Regular Visitors

This face oil is too rich for me during the day (at least during this season of 90% humidity in NYC), but at nighttime, it’s fantastic. This oil is a fan favorite at my store, Regular Visitors, partly because of the herbal/palo santo scent.

Lauren’s All Purpose Salve

My last steps before bed are applying Burt’s Bees classic lip balm and a bit of this whipped salve; it’s rich yet light and smells incredible.

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