10 Stylemakers Reveal The Beauty Hacks They Swear By

I woke up like this.

By Katherine Fluor
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When it comes to getting ready in the morning, I sometimes feel like I’m on the set of Home Alone in that scene when they’re trying to leave for the airport and about to miss their flight. Sure, prepping outfits the night before, waking up early enough to get your workout in, and having a healthy breakfast at the ready are all things we know can help cut down on stress in the morning. But then there are those days when we just need to bolt out the door in 5 minutes or less, wet hair and all –and we know we’re not the only ones.

Luckily, we have some seriously busy and stylish babes on our side that are willing to spill their secrets on the one thing they always do to help them keep it together (or at least look like they do!)

Scroll on for the inside scoop on our Stylemakers’ favorite beauty products, accessories, and 5-minute beauty rituals they can’t go a day without.

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Anine Bing

Designer, Founder, Anine Bing

Nail the 5-minute makeup routine.

use Bobbi Brown’s tinted moisturizer with SPF for my whole face, then under eye concealer by Glossier, a little Bobbi Brown highlighter for some cheek glow, mascara by Marc Jacobs, and some tinted chapstick. Quick and easy! Less is more when it comes to morning makeup.

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Taryn Toomey

Founder, The Class

Start every day with a face mask.

I always put a mask on right after I wake up. I’ve learned if I don’t put it on first thing, I don’t do it. I love Dr. Barbara Sturm’s mask, but I try lots of different ones, too. Twice a week, I change it up to exfoliate with the goop Instant Facial or Joanna Vargas exfoliating mask.

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Shiva Rose

Author, Founder, The Local Rose

Make bath time a ritual.

I find my evening bath ritual crucial to release the days energy, and to spend some time receiving goddess energy.  I always dry brush first, then soak in my tub with my cleansing Rose Moon Salts. I then will scrub the day away with my Sea Siren Body Scrub as a cleansing ritual. After my bath, I love to anoint myself with my Venus Amber Body Oil.

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Renee Bargh

Emmy-winning Extra TV Host

Master the dewy glow. 

Start by washing your face and applying a lightweight moisturizer with sunscreen. The Base LB cream is one of my favorites – it’s SPF tinted moisturizer and has amazing coverage but is still quite sheer.

Next, apply bronzer to your T zone and Luma cheek tint. Finally, use RMS illuminator highlighter on your cheeks and some lucky eye polish to your eyes, and you’re done.

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Kelly LeVeque 

Author, Celebrity Nutritionist, Certified Health Coach

Go green with your makeup routine.

Make the switch to natural, green makeup and watch your skin transform itself. Green beauty truly does make all the difference in skincare and makeup products. 3 essentials to start with: Honest Beauty mascara, Tata Harper lip & cheek tint, and Honest Beauty magic facial oil.

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Emily Schuman 

Founder, Cupcakes & Cashmere

Give your bath products an upgrade. 

Shower time should be a luxurious experience, no matter how rushed. The fastest way to elevate your day? High end bath products. Kai body wash is a total game changer–  it’s a light floral scent that smells so fresh and clean. 

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Brooklyn Decker 

Actress, Model, Co-Founder, Finery

Get those #makeupfreeselfie vibes.

Glossier Generation G lipstick in JAM. It’s a nice soft stain, and makes your lips look like it’s their natural color — but fuller. 


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Colleen Crivello

Founder, MiniMode

Dry brush.

After a dreamy, steamy shower (shout out to Rahua Shampoo and Conditioner), I always spend 5 minute dry brushing my whole body. It’s so intoxicating and gets my blood pumping for a great day ahead. 

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Alex Van Der Sluys 

Co-Founder, Kip & Co.

Do a weekly hair mask.  

The Sebastian Penetraitt hair mask has transformed my locks. I’m religious about doing it once a week – it’s made a huge difference in the texture and tone of my hair. 

katie kime, putting on makeup

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Katie Kime

Designer, Founder, Katie Kime

Roll it on.

Find your signature scent, and buy it in a roll on — better yet, buy 2 so you can keep one at home and one in your purse. Le Labo Santal 33 has been my go to for years. It instantly makes me feel refreshed and clean, (even when my unwashed hair is thrown on top of my head in a messy bun..)