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5 Fun Ways to Become a Morning Person

July 13th, 2018

Mornings can be tough, and all too often, we get through breakfast feeling groggy and rushed—or worse, skip it altogether. With summertime in full swing, I’m determined to make the most of these longer days by upping my morning game. To start strong, I switched up my usual after-work drinks meet up by inviting a few friends to get together before work for an energizing morning happy hour. To take my brekkie bash (and love of anything Australian) to the next level, I teamed up with noosa yoghurt to show my girls how easy it is to set ourselves up for a great day. With some high- energy music, a little sunshine, and noosa’s tropical deliciousness, we were able to walk out the door all wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to tackle the day. Read on to see how we did it, and our best morning routine tips.

Photos via Hannah Haston Photography

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  1. Great tips! It’s so helpful to have a tribe that values their mornings as much as you do, and positivity is key!

  2. Being a morning person, I have to say that I use everyone of these tips 6/7 days without fail! I think creating a positive and affirmative environment is one of the most important things because when you are around people and things that motivate you to do your best and get up and make the most out of your day, you feel excited and energized to do so. Even if the tasks you have to undertake may not be the most enjoyable, it’s always important to try to find the good in them! But yes, I too drink a glass of water first thing, go on a 20 min run (with some sprints in there hehe), and I also fill out the 5 Minute Journal! Have you heard of it? I think you would enjoy it! But that fruit bowl, my gosh does that look like all my dreams in one bit bowl! Haha!

  3. The easiest way for me to wake up is definitely a workout date with friends! Having that accountability and something to look forward to makes it so much easier to wake up!

    Woof Xo,
    Michelle & Watson

  4. This Main Line Life says:

    That’s a great idea… to get together with friends for a healthy morning meal. I’m sure it makes the whole day a whole lot more fun.

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