Found: The Best Sunglasses in Every Shape (With Prices to Fit Every Budget)

No squints in sight.

By Michelle Nash
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Hot take here, but there is no accessory more fun than new sunglasses. Even for the trend-averse, a pair of fresh shades is the best way to experiment with a new look and add spice to your daily uniform. Do you thrive in oversized frames or are you on the rectangular train?  If you’re on the hunt, finding the right pair of sunglasses can be a journey, albeit a fun one. And not sure about you, but I’m all about accessories that serve a purpose. Sunglasses not only protect our eyes from the sun’s harmful rays (and the haters), but they’re also the necessary icing on the cake to any ensemble. Whether you’re sporting mood-boosting colored lenses or a sleek polarized pair, the best sunglasses can instantly transform your look from simple to understated cool. From retro-inspired to modern, scroll on for the best sunglasses we’re eyeing this season at every budget. Take a look, ’cause we’ve still go lots more sunny days ahead!

Cat-Eye Styles

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Vada Jewelry Tokio 2-Tone Sunglasses

If you’ve got a flair for the dramatic, but prefer a more narrow, ever-so-slight cat-eye shape, these Vada frames are for you. Handmade in Japan, they’re definitely a splurge, but a total statement.

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Prada Catwalk Pro1VS Sunglasses

We can’t talk about cat-eyes without including a classic pair of Prada frames. These are a steal on sale for under $170 and will most definitely stand the test of time.

Square Frames

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Sojos Small Square Polarized Sunglasses

True friends let you take their sunglasses for a spin, and I was sold on this pair after borrowing them from a friend. I couldn’t believe it when she told me they were under $15 and from Amazon, and I ordered two pairs immediately (you know, just in case). These are great everyday frames, and the lenses are a bit dark which is ideal for sunny summer days.

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Krewe Hyde Sunglasses

I tried these on at the Krewe Pop-Up truck on South Congress in Austin and immediately fell in love. At $275, they’re expensive, but the shape was so flattering on my round face, and the lenses were just crisp. Even though I didn’t pull the trigger on buying them, I still think about them.

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Crap Eyewear The Groove Pilot

This style is from the cult-favorite affordable online shop, Crap Eyewear, which will always be an all-time favorite of mine. I’m a true believer that square frames are the most flattering on all face shapes.


Aviator Shades

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Krewe Audubon Sunglasses

Suitable for any undercover farmer’s market run, these aviator frames are a great option if you’re looking for a little more coverage, but don’t want your shades to take up half of your face.

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Warby Parker Dorian Sunglasses

Bridgeless sunglasses just slide on and off like butter, and it doesn’t get comfier than these sleek Warby Parker frames. I love the sporty feel of these sunglasses, whether you’re headed to brunch or the tennis courts.

Rectangle Sunglasses

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Urban Outfitters Sabrina Rectangle Sunglasses

Have you hopped on the rectangular sunglasses train yet? If not, why not dabble in a pair that’s only $16, but still chic? I love checking out Urban Outfitters for affordable shades, especially when you’re not sure if this season’s trends will stick around, but still want to play.

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Poppy Lissiman Raphael Sunglasses

These shades are reason enough to wish for sunny skies. I want all of the colorful, mood-boosting sunglasses from Australian designer Poppy Lissiman. Eyeing these rose-colored frames on her site felt like a convertible ride down the pacific highway.

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Urban Outfitters Claro Chunky Rectangle Sunglasses

Chunky rectangular sunglasses might just be the hottest sunglasses trend of the moment. I love this affordable pair from Urban Outfitters for their slightly rounded shape and wide frame.


Round Sunglasses

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Gucci Vintage Round Sunglasses

We’ve seen nostalgia take over the runways and streets in many forms over the past couple of years, and eyewear is no exception. I love a good throwback, and this classic vintage Gucci pair gives me major old-school Hollywood vibes.


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Krewe STL II Sunglasses

Like a spritz in the summer, I’ve never seen a pair of sunglasses in higher demand than these. An update from the previous St. Louis frames, these come in a variety of bright acetate colors, and they’re constantly flying off the shelves.

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The Row Parquet Sunglasses in Acetate

My famous rockstar alter-ego would be wearing these sunglasses. Designed by Oliver Peoples for the row, at one glance you just know these are good.


Classic Shades

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Warby Parker Elio Sunglasses

If you’re on the hunt for something utilitarian, Wayfarers have managed to stay around since the classic Ray-Ban version debuted in the 50s. If you want something that will hold true despite the tumultuous tides of sunglasses trends, this shape is for you. Plus, Warby Parker offers a convenient home try-on service, so you can skip shopping in-store and try a couple of styles out before committing.

Best Sunglasses

Vada Jewelry Erin Wasson Homecoming Kauboi Sunglasses

Here’s yet another pair of Vada sunglasses haunting my shopping cart. These heavy black acetate frames are a classic. The slightly rounded and wider rectangular shape of these lenses would look good on anyone. Because let’s be real, doesn’t one’s face shape just depend on the day?

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Bottega Veneta Classic Square Sunglasses

As I mentioned earlier, I’m a sucker for a classic square-shaped set of lenses, especially these gold-rimmed beauties. I haven’t tried these on, but I can only imagine how nice they’d feel gracing my eyeballs for a day.

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Crap Eyewear the Shake Appeal

Crap Eyewear really nails the “affordable quality” category when it comes to sunglasses. This classic-meets-modern pair is both durable and chic.


Oversized Frames

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Le Specs Air Heart Sunglasses

Ever wish you didn’t have to show your face on rough mornings at the bagel shop after too many margaritas? Enter: oversized frames. My pair of Le Specs sunglasses were some of the favorites I ever owned, and this pair is perfect for shielding you and your eyeballs from the outside world. No haters in sight.

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O2 Eyewear 7151 Premium Oversize Sunglasses

A friend of mine sent me this pair from Amazon that’s a total steal at under $15, and claims this universal shape is flattering on pretty much everyone. Sign me up!


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Dollger Retro Cat Eye Sunglasses

If you like a cat-eye, but also like to do it big, these are for you. Casual but classy, and at just $13, this pair has got you covered.