Found: The Best White Sneakers to Wear With Everything This Summer

15 pairs that do the most.

By Brandy Joy Smith
Camille Styles best white sneakers for women.

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Every summer, the quest for a new pair of white sneaks kicks into high gear. Whether you’re torn between classic elegance, contemporary trends, or athletic functionality, finding the perfect pair is crucial. While trends come and go, comfort and durability are essential for any sneaker enthusiast. However, each person has unique needs and preferences when it comes to footwear. That’s why we’ve curated a comprehensive guide to the best white sneakers for women this season, guaranteeing a perfect match for every foot and style.

The Best White Sneakers for Women

To define the list, I considered several key factors: comfort, price range, style, and overall quality. While preferences may vary, these sneakers stood out based on these qualifiers.

Comfort is paramount—no matter how trendy or cute a pair is, you won’t reach for them if they’re not cozy on your feet. Price also played a role, with most options falling within the $150-$250 range. I pored through online reviews, and crowd-sourced opinions, and tried several pairs myself. Did your favorite sneaker make the list?

1. Best Overall: Greats The Royal 2.0

Meet the best of the best white sneakers for women. While the brand is newer, this pair solidified my obsession. The look is sharp but street style-worthy, letting you feel put-together while still expressing a little flair. They hit all the marks: comfort, style, versatility, and classic design.

Why We Love It: For under $200, nothing beats this well-made pair. They’ll last you years, and from skirts to breezy dresses to denim—they’ll look good with every outfit.

Cons, but not dealbreakers: Given their popularity, it’s hard to keep these white sneaks in stock. However, the brand offers other colorways that are just as good.

2. Luxury Splurge: Common Projects Original Achilles Low Sneaker

Quality should justify the price, and Common Projects delivers. Made and sourced in Italy, these sneakers use the finest leather. I’ve had five pairs, and they hold up well and are easy to clean. (Psst… they’re Camille’s favorite, too. They’re the secret to her streamlined packing list.)

Why We Love It: Timeless style and unbeatable quality. You can have them for years and they’ll still look the same as the day you bought them.

Cons, but not dealbreakers: They are one of the pricier pairs on this list.

3. Best Summer Sneaker: Freda Salvator Eda D’Orsay Sneaker

Women-owned and small-batch designs make these sneakers unique. The cutout design keeps your foot cool in the summer heat while adding a statement-making flair.

Why We Love It: Breathable for summer and stylish enough to wear with dresses. The padding ensures ultimate comfort. 

Cons, but not dealbreakers: Best for warmer climates.

4. Best Affordable: Keds Champion Original Lace-Up

Keds have been a staple since the 80s. Highlights include support for narrow feet and affordability. These canvas shoes are easy to clean with spot remover. 

Why We Love It: Given the price, you can justify adding a new pair to your collection season after season.

Cons, but not dealbreakers: They don’t offer a ton of cushion, and the cotton can be hard to keep clean without a stain guard.

5. The Sporty White Sneaker: Nike Air Max 90

Comfort, craft, and iconic design all land the Air Max on this list. These are my go-to sneakers, perfect for running after kids while looking stylish. 

Why We Love It: Adds height and an instant cool girl factor. Made for performance and comfort.

Cons, but not dealbreakers: They can be chunky for those who prefer a slimmer profile.

6. Best Elevated Classic: Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Platform Canvas

A cult classic that never goes out of style. I’ve seen the construction process at Converse headquarters, and it’s beyond impressive. 

Why We Love It: A timeless sneaker that always returns to style. Every fashion girl keeps a pair in her closet.

Cons, but not dealbreakers: Can look large on long, narrow feet.

7. A Classic with a Twist: Reebok x Anine Bing Freestyle Highshoe

This collaboration brings fashion and comfort to the forefront. Reebok’s durability with Anine Bing’s style makes these a standout. 

Why We Love It: Stylish with great ankle support. I love how the shoe looks with a scrunched sock and shorts. 

Cons, but not dealbreakers: More of a cream color than pure white.

8. Best Vegan Leather: Loci Origin Sneaker

Preppy and sustainable, these sneakers are made from non-food grade corn and recycled textiles. 

Why We Love It: Perfect for the tenniscore trend and eco-friendly. 

Cons, but not dealbreakers: Only available online, so trying them on in person isn’t an option.

9. Best Slip-On: Vans Classic Slip-On Shoe

With a wide range of sizing options and the ability to select between a wide and regular width, Vans guarantees a perfect fit. The padded tongue makes these all the more comfortable and easy to slide on. It’s giving effortless off-duty.

Why We Love It: Affordable comfort paired with an iconic design.

Cons, but not dealbreakers: The flat sole may not be comfortable for those with a high instep.

10. Best Splurge: Loewe Flow Retro Runner Sneakers

Cushioned and stylish, the Loewe sneakers make a fashion-forward statement. The quality stitching and gum stole help you stand out while still giving a low-key, cool vibe.

Why We Love It: The gum sole adds a trendy touch. 

Cons, but not dealbreakers: High price and somewhat trendy, so these may feel dated a few years down the road.

11. Iconic Streetwear: Nike Air Force 1 ’07

Durably stitched overlay and clean finishes contribute to the signature, standout appeal. Because these are performance-driven and designed for an array of activities, this pair is an obvious choice. 

Why We Love It: Cult following and stylish design. 

Cons, but not dealbreakers: Sizing runs a bit large.

12. Best Platform: Superga 2740 Mid Platform Sneaker

The platform trend is still going strong—but with comfort and timeless design being a concern, you might want to take part while still lying low. The perfect sneaker for you? Superga’s 2740. A mid-platform design offers height without sacrificing flexibility. 

Why We Love It: Adds height without being too bulky. 

Cons, but not dealbreakers: Platforms add some weight.

13. Best Sustainable: Veja Esplar Leather Logo Sneakers

Veja’s material and construction are top-notch, and they’re a certified B Corp. 

Why We Love It: Environmentally-friendly production and signature, stylish appeal.

Cons, but not dealbreakers: These may not be supportive for those with high arches.

14. Most Comfortable: Adidas Pharell x Samba Humane Race

When Pharell teams up with an iconic sportswear brand, it’s impossible to say no. These sneakers feel like walking on a cloud and have a sleek design. And while the Samba trend is fading out, these feel unique enough to always make a stylish statement.

Why We Love It: Extremely comfortable. 

Cons, but not dealbreakers: These are technically men’s, so best for those with a larger shoe size.

15. Best Classic Style: New Balance 550

Versatile and stylish, these sneakers are perfect for multiple activities. When folks drop the “dad sneaker” moniker, this is what they mean. And yes, that’s a good thing.

Why We Love It: Stylish without being overly trendy. 

Cons, but not dealbreakers: Slightly chunky silhouette.