Effortlessly Slay Halloween With These One-Item Costumes

There’s officially no excuse.

By Megan Leihgeber
bachelor contestant costumes

We get it — between work, family stuff, rocking your side hustle, and everything in between, some of us simply don’t have the time to construct a jaw-dropping Halloween costume, especially since the holiday is in the middle of a pandemic this year. Never fear!

We’ve got your back with these one-item costumes that will take dressing up to the next level without inducing a full-on panic attack.

Scroll down to see just how easy this year’s costume can truly be…

animal ears costumeimage via lauren conrad

Woodland Animals

What you’ll need: DIY Animal Ears

Wear it with: gown or dress and optional whisker makeup.

Go the extra mile: Find a vintage fur coat or vest to feel oh-so-cuddly.

bat costumeimage via she knows

A Bat

What you’ll need: DIY Bat Wings

Wear it with: An all black outfit.

Go the extra mile: Add bat ears and a black eye mask if you’re going for major Batman vibes.

eye contacts halloweenimage via uniqso

Genos Cyborg Costume

What you’ll need: sclera or colored contact lenses

Other possible costumes: zombie, cat, or vampire.

holly golightly costumeimage via charmtighe

Holly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s

What you’ll need: A sleeping eye mask.

Wear it with: An oversized white dress shirt and heels.

Go the extra mile: Add tassel earrings to complete the look.

witch costumeimage via hoho hats

A Witch

What you’ll need: A witch hat.

Wear it with: An all black outfit and heels or booties.

Go the extra mile: Get yourself some black sclera contacts, and don’t forget your broom!

unicorn costumeimage via jenna dewan tatum/instagram

Unicorn Costume

What you’ll need: A unicorn horn.

Wear it with: An all white outfit, colorful and glittery makeup.

Go the extra mile: Temporarily dye your hair silver (above) or a pastel pink or purple. Wear furry boots and attach hair extensions, or strands of ribbon, to your lower back as a tail.

vampire fangsimage via dead south

A Vampire

What you’ll need: Fangs

Wear it with: An all black outfit and blood red lipstick.

Go the extra mile: Wear some colored contacts and add the classic blood drip from the corner of your mouth!

margot tenenbaumimage via leighannsays/instagram

Margot Tenenbaum

What you need: A vintage fur coat

Wear it with: A striped shirt dress, a hair clip, and a lot of eyeliner.

Go the extra mile: If you’re brunette, wear a blonde wig. Carry the iconic cigarette everywhere you go.

Bachelorette Contestants! Easiest group costume idea ever. GENIUS.

A Bachelor Contestant

What you’ll need: A long-stem red rose.

Wear it with: A nice cocktail dress, loads of hairspray and heels.

Wednesday Addams costumeimage via paper and stitch

Wednesday Addams

What you’ll need: A black and white collared dress.

Wear it with: Black tights and shoes, braided hair, optional black lipstick.

Go the extra mile: Carry around a skull head or your favorite poison.