I have an addiction: GRWM vlogs. (That’s ‘Get Ready With Me’ videos, for those who haven’t fallen down the social media rabbit hole.) Yes, I love the house tours and I’m obsessed with the morning routines. But there’s nothing like an in-depth makeup or skincare tutorial. From celebrity rituals filled with super-luxe products to relatable influencer routines—I love them all. They’re perfect for those mornings when I’m craving a look that’s a little outside of my everyday vibe. Or, of course, when a special occasion calls for a little extra effort. And while it can be intimidating to try something new, your Valentine’s Day makeup look is the perfect opportunity to shake things up a bit.

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Image by Michelle Nash

How to Find Your Valentine’s Day Makeup Look

Valentine’s Day can be a divisive holiday. Whether we’re partnered or not, each of us is confronted with the impossible task of living up to the expectations of the day. But I’ve found that it’s not about what you do. Instead, the most fulfilling experiences come from taking it less seriously and embracing playfulness. Bonus: Having a little fun with your Valentine’s Day makeup look can be a confidence booster that will carry you through the day.

What better time to put yourself out there than Valentine’s Day? There’s endless creativity and fun to be had by expressing yourself through your makeup (that’s the fun of it, right?). Makeup can—and should be—empowering. And spicing up your repertoire can help make Valentine’s Day interesting again, no matter your plans.

Whether you’re opting for a classic date night, going out for Galentine’s, or experimenting with an evening a bit outside of the norm, now’s the time to have a little fun. But if your Pinterest board isn’t inspiration enough, I guarantee you’ll find your perfect Valentine’s Day makeup looks for every person and every occasion.

Image by Michelle Nash

The Classic Date Night

When it comes to Valentine’s Day vibes, the classic aesthetic is always a go-to. Dive into date night by embracing the archetypal romantic look. Enhance your natural features with neutral hues and light-reflecting highlights. Don’t forget a bold, red lip for a pop of color.

Tower 28 OneLiner Multi-Liner

This multi-purpose liner contours your lips and eyes and adds color to your cheeks. Perfect for that naturally flushed look.

RMS Beauty ReDimension Hydra Powder Blush

This hydrating blush gives you a lightly-kissed, rosy glow. Its silky texture melts into the skin to create a luminous, multi-dimensional finish.

Rouge Dior Forever Liquid Transfer Proof Lipstick

This long-lasting lip ensures your color stays vibrant all night. The matte liquid hue is weightless and kiss-proof—so pucker up!

Image by Teal Thomsen

Full Glam

Go big—even if you’re staying at home. Pull out all the glitz and glam you have hiding in the back of your makeup drawer. If this isn’t a special occasion, what is? For this look, pick one area to emphasize. Then, go full-tilt with metallics and dramatic colors.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam II Eyeshadow Palette

All the matte, satin, and metallic finishes you need are complemented by natural hues in this easy-to-blend palette to create a bold, glamorous eye look.

Westman Atelier Super Loaded Tinted Highlight

This highlighting cream instantly warms up your look with a light-reflecting glow. Don’t be afraid to apply generously. It glides on smooth with its hydrating mixture of hyaluronic acid filling spheres and jojoba seed oil.

MERIT Bronze Balm Sheer Sculpting Bronzer

This sheer buildable bronzer sculpts and adds depth with its creamy texture and golden finish.

Image by Michelle Nash

The Clean Look, Updated for 2023

Last year’s buzzy beauty look was a dewy take on the no-makeup-makeup trend. This year, let the clean look work for you by opting for luminous products that emphasize your natural glow. This simple look is a statement of its own. The romance of the glossy, glazed aesthetic is the makeup equivalent of a silky slip-dress—understated but sexy.

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

To let the clean look truly shine, you need a base of hydrated skin. This nourishing face mask will leave your skin looking instantly renewed and refreshed.

Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez Illuminating Primer

This lightweight gel primer is the perfect base for your glowy look. Its ultra-fine pearls give you a natural lit-from-within glow.

KOSAS Super Creamy + Brightening Concealer

Forget full-face foundation, this creamy concealer blends seamlessly into your skin for minimal coverage and maximum hydration.

Benefit Cosmetics Fluff Up Brow Flexible Brow-Texturizing Wax

Try the fluffy brows look with this nourishing blend of jojoba seed oil and shea butter and a creamy, crunch-free wax that fluffs up your brows and holds all night.

Ilia Multi-Stick

Add a soft, rosy touch of color to your cheeks, lips, and eyes with his buildable and blendable multi-stick.

Image by Teal Thomsen

Dark and Stormy

For all the fuss in the zeitgeist about no-makeup makeup (see above), Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to bring back the smoky eye. Overline your eyes, try a darker lip, and choose dramatic colors to really lean into the stormy, sexy look.

Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Eyeshadow Palette

This smoky eye palette is enriched with pearl pigments for a dark, sultry eye.

Rouge Essentiel Silky Crème Lipstick

This creamy lipstick delivers full pigment in one swipe for buildable drama with a silky finish.

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer

Finish off your look with this conditioning shea butter-based gloss. Swipe it over your lipstick for a shiny, full finish.

Image by Teal Thomsen

Galentine’s Glam

There’s no such thing as doing too much when you’re with your inner circle. Go all out on the reds and pinks. The more impractical, the better!

KNC Beauty Star Eye Mask

Get out your eye masks. These cute, retinol-infused eye masks make getting ready with friends a party.

Kulfi Mehndi Moment Long-Lasting Radiant Cream Blush

Brush this antioxidant-based cream blush against your skin for a radiant swipe of color that doesn’t budge.

Live Tinted Hueglow

A little subtle shimmer is welcome when it comes to spending the night with your girls. This serum-moisturizer hybrid is the perfect base for this more-is-more look. Bonus: It’ll highlight for all your favorite features.

Stay Golden Cosmetics Glitter Lip Kit

Embrace impracticality with this bold, glitter lip. Encrust your lips with a shimmering red hue for a winning look.

Bonus: Elevated Fragrances Your Main Squeeze (and You!) Will Love

Top off your look with a fragrance to match your V-Day vibe. While there’s always a reason to smell good (I’d call it an aesthetic as necessary as your go-to moisturizer), there’s no occasion more apt than February 14.

By Rosie Jane Dulce Eau De Parfum

Soft vanilla notes are pure nostalgia—but a step up from anything you may have picked up from Victoria’s Secret back in the day. This elegant fragrance is refreshingly simple. Perfect if you’re going low-key, but keeping with the theme this holiday.

19-69 Rainbow Bar Eau de Parfum

Woody and warming, this perfume is pure, laid-back California. Warwood, fresh basil, and cedarwood blend for a distinct scent perfect for anyone opting to keep things chill this V-Day. And while the fragrance is the most important part of any perfume (of course), this bottle makes for a pretty addition to any medicine cabinet.

Bon Parfumeur 101 Rose, Sweet Pea & White Cedar Eau de Parfum

A fresh, floral scent is to be expected on the day of love—but this fragrance steps things up by introducing patchouli to the mix for a spicy, smoky character. If you’re leaning toward the unexpected, let this perfume guide your way.

Lake & Skye Canyon Rose Eau De Parfum

While the rose scent plays first fiddle, it’s freshened up by a base of green apple and peach. Introduce patchouli, geranium, and vanilla to the mix and you have a very 2023 spin on the classic fragrance.

OUAI Melrose Place Eau De Parfum

If you’ve also fallen for OUAI’s famed skin and hair care products, it’s time you discovered the brand’s fan-favorite fragrances. Melrose Place, bottled up? That’s right—the name couldn’t be more perfect. Bergamot, lychee, cedarwood, and white musk play up the scent’s rich, rose base for arguably the most romantic perfume you could wear this Valentine’s Day.

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