Wake Up Call

The Body Whisperer’s Energizing Morning Routine

Lauren Roxburgh taps into her power source.

By Camille Styles
Lauren Roxburgh Morning Routine, Meditation, Bedroom

When I met Lauren Roxburgh, the world-renowned fascia expert dubbed “The Body Whisperer,” at a wellness retreat a few months ago, I knew we were kindred spirits. Not only does she radiate a kind of serenity and kindness that is absolutely magnetic, Lo was also game to join me in geeking out on all things wellness, and she answered my endless questions about fascia and body alignment. She did not disappoint – this woman is as well-versed in science as she is in spirituality, and the way she explains how fascia, the thin layer of connective tissue encasing your body under your skin, affects your muscles and organs is nothing short of mind blowing.

For the uninitiated, Lauren uses a foam roller (among other tools) to transform the body, sculpt muscles, and release stress, and the results are so effective that she’s built up a clientele of Hollywood’s A-List who rely on her to get their bodies in peak condition.

I recently got to visit Lo at her zen-like home in the canyons of LA, and after a morning getting my body worked on and my spirit fed with real conversation and lots of laughter, I walked out of there feeling longer, leaner, and like I could take on, well, just about anything. We also talked lots about her game changing new book called The Power Source which totally changed the way I thought about my pelvic floorI can’t wait to share more about my inspiring and fascinating friend with you guys today. Scroll on to see how Lauren starts her day by tapping into her power source with fascia-building foods and a little self-care.

Lauren Roxburgh Bedroom

What time is your wake-up call?

6:30am on the weekdays; on the weekends, it’s more like 7 or 7:30am.

Lauren Roxburgh Morning Routine, Meditation, Bedroom

What wakes you up each day? 

A peaceful alarm.

Lauren Roxburgh Bedroom

What’s the first thing you do?

5 minutes of affirmations.

Lauren Roxburgh Smoothie Recipe

What’s for breakfast?

I truly believe the best way to start the day is with super foods and organic coffee (of course.)

We all need clean, nourishing and nutrient-dense foods to thrive in life, balance our blood sugar, feed our brains, and fuel us for our busy lives.

Plus the ingredients in this recipe will help restore your entire system, feed your fascia, rebuild collagen, build strength and resilience in your skin and tissues, decrease wrinkles, and give you a glow from the inside out.

Lauren Roxburgh Making Morning Smoothie

But maybe the best part is that it’s delicious! With two young kids, sometimes the struggle is getting something into them before we all rush out the door in the morning, and our whole family loves this recipe.

Click here for Lauren’s smoothie recipe!

Lauren Roxburgh Home

Morning media rituals:

The New York Times and The Goop Podcast.

Lauren Roxburgh outside of home

Getting ready soundtrack: 

Freedom by George Michael

Lauren Roxburgh Trampoline Workout

Do you workout in the morning?

After my affirmations and coffee, I dry brush, roll, and rebound. Then I shower and enjoy my fascia food smoothie so I can start the day feeling focused, nourished and full of clarity.

Lauren Roxburgh Morning Workout, Routine

ed. note: After my time with Lauren at the retreat, I got home and promptly joined her Aligned Life Studio. A few times a week, I start my day with Lo’s rolling and rebounding workouts from my own bedroom. Working my body out in this gentler way has been a big change for me – and I’ve never felt better.

Lauren Roxburgh Workout

I never leave the house without…

Alkaline Water in a glass bottle full of water

Lauren Roxburgh Home, Bedroom

If you could only put on one item of makeup:

I can’t live without clean eye shadow with stay power. I love the Jane Iredale’s because they’re richly-pigmented, long-lasting and easy to blend.

Lauren Roxburgh Style, Flowers

Healthiest morning habit:

Choosing gratitude and elevated emotions.

Worst morning habit:

Running late

Lauren Roxburgh Home

Daily uniform:

James Perse tanks and sweaters, Alo Goddess leggings, or Citizens of Humanity high waisted jeans.

Lauren Roxburgh Beauty Routine

What’s your favorite in-shower product? 

I love the Nourishing Wash by True Botanicals. It’s made with whole essential oils and organic ingredients that leaves you feeling so rejuvenated. It’s also packed with antioxidants and smells incredible!

Lauren Roxburgh Living Room

If you had one extra hour every morning, how would you use it?

More snuggles with my loves!

Lauren Roxburgh Books, Bedroom

One word to describe your mornings: