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Tracy Tutor Plays By Her Own Rules—This Is Her Formula for a Fearless Day Ahead

For this real estate mogul, focus is the name of the game.

By Camille Styles
Tracy Tutor's Morning Routine-bed on laptop computer

Walking into Tracy Tutor’s Beverly Hills home feels eerily like stepping foot on the set of the show in which she stars, Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles (also known as the only reality show I watch religiously.) One of her team members shows us around while Tracy posts up in the kitchen with her glam squad, finishing up hair and makeup while speaking intensely into her phone. We find out later that she’s closing a deal valued in the high eight figures.

So is a typical Wednesday in Tracy’s life, and I really shouldn’t be surprised that it feels like the show since, as I learned, what I see onscreen is her life–it’s refreshingly authentic, one and the same. Of course, it was quickly evident that her quick wit and natural warmth are the real deal, too. This real estate mogul leads with kindness and doesn’t take herself too seriously–she knows her strengths and isn’t afraid to admit where there’s room for growth. Step inside the home Tracy shares with her daughters, find out the healthy habit she swears by, and get the no BS details on Tracy Tutor’s morning routine. Oh, and she’s got some real estate tips for us, too.

Tracy Tutor's Morning Routine-Kitchen making coffee

What has been your biggest learning over the past year?

During Covid, my biggest lesson was learning to prioritize my health. I’m getting to the age where it’s extremely important to get enough rest and make sure I get truly restorative sleep so that I can be effective throughout the day. I haven’t nailed all the perfect habits–I know I should be turning off my phone well before bedtime–but I’m working on it!

Tracy Tutor's Morning Routine-bed on laptop computer
Tracy Tutor's Morning Routine-bed on laptop computer with coffee

Let’s get into your morning routine. What does a typical morning look like for you?

I wake up when it’s still dark, pour myself a 16-ounce cup of celery juice, chug it, and make a cup of coffee. Then I am out on the treadmill doing anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes of cardio while I’m reviewing what my day looks like and checking in with my team (if they’re awake.) Then I alternate between doing weight training and pilates. After I train, I head back to the house to shower, get ready, and start my workday.

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Has your approach to working out evolved in your forties?

When I was younger, I focused on more intense cardio–I thought it was about going as long and hard as possible. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to focus on more fat burning and moderate intensity cardio–this allows me to eat what I want, drink what I want, and feel good in my body. It also keeps me from injuring myself or burning out, so that I can rebound and stay consistent, rather than hitting these intense physical peaks and valleys.

Tracy Tutor's Morning Routine-skincare in bathroom

If you could pin your success down to one thing, what would that be?

My communication skills. I’ve learned to read people, and that everyone receives information differently. The best communicators tailor the way they speak to what their listener needs. For instance, if someone is easily distracted, I meet with them in a place where distractions can be eliminated. It’s about reading the room, focusing in on the other person, and making adjustments so that what you want to share can actually sink in.

Tracy Tutor’s top real estate tips for buying a house:

  1. Hire a good agent to represent you–one that knows the area well and has substantial experience in the market you are looking in.
  2. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Use a good inspector and hire follow-up specialists to examine the structure thoughtfully.
  3. Look for good curb appeal. The quality of the lot is important. Location is everything. You can always improve a home, but you cannot improve a bad location.
  4. Good layout is key. Flow from space to space with good light.
  5. Don’t be intimidated by a little work. Making a house your home requires a point of view and good contractors. That is the one area where you don’t skimp. Bad quality does not pay off in the long run.
Tracy Tutor's Morning Routine-skincare in bathroom

What’s your biggest beauty tip?

I take skincare pretty seriously. My mom is 76 and looks amazing, so I’m thankful to have gotten her good genes, but I also lean heavily on good products. Once every couple of years I get a laser treatment, but I focus more on the consistency of my daily routine: moisturizing masks, serums, under-eye care, and products to even out my skin tone. Vitamin C is key to preventing and fading brown spots.

I wash my face with Dr. Lancer face wash. Then I spritz with Epicurean Discovery Protein Mist Enzyme Spray. I follow it up with Barbara Sturm’s Hyaluronic Serum and Dr. Lancer’s Daily Moisturizer. And SPF always: I like Barbara Sturm’s Sunscreen.

Tracy Tutor's Morning Routine-skincare in bathroom

Tell us something you do to live a more present and joyful life?

Go for a walk with a friend. This morning, I hiked for an hour with a girl friend, and it put me in a calmer and more positive state of mind all day. We weren’t on our phones, and it was refreshing. Because of what I do for a living, people are calling me from 6am – 10pm… if i don’t consciously step away, I never have an opportunity to clear my head and get where I need to for the day. When I do have a break, I have to make the most of it and really sink in.

Tracy Tutor's Morning Routine-Kitchen Window

What books will we find on your nightstand?

I love Untamed, by Glennon Doyle. I’m about to start reading The Nightingale on an upcoming vacation with my family. My day-to-day schedule is so busy, traveling is really my opportunity to disconnect and get absorbed in a good book.

Tracy Tutor's Morning Routine-backyard reading a book

What’s your favorite getting-ready soundtrack?

I have a playlist with 90’s artists–George Michael, Prince, Whitney Houston.

If you had one extra hour every morning, how would you use it?


Tracy Tutor's Morning Routine-backyard reading a book

One thing I want to be known for:

Doing things on my own terms and inspiring young women to do the same.

The one thing I fear the most is…

Being mediocre.

When I feel that fear, I…

Run towards it.

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