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Kate Holstein

By / June 14th

When photographer Kate Holstein isn’t traveling the world shooting for publications like Martha Stewart Weddings and Cereal Magazine, she and her husband Matt stick to a pretty sweet routine: 8 months …read more

a bucket of springtime blooms

Lucy Cuneo

By / May 4th

According to Japanese organizing guru Marie Kondo, we should only have items in our home that “spark joy.” I’ve been thinking about her little reminder with recent redecorating projects, and it’s certainly …read more

a dinner party with sarah sherman samuel

Sarah Sherman Samuel

By / April 12th

You know those girls who are just great at everything? When it comes to design, that girl is Sarah Sherman Samuel. She’s the editor of her own lifestyle blog, an …read more

Allison Crawford

By / April 10th

When interior designer Allison Crawford returned from a recent birthday spent in Paris, she couldn’t wait to invite her best girlfriends over to share all the highlights from the trip. Allison’s downtown …read more

brunch with joy the baker

Joy the Baker

By / April 6th

Believe me when I say that I don’t take the term “fan girl” lightly. I can count on one hand the number of women in blogland for whom I truly allow myself …read more

Meg Lonergan

By / March 22nd

We’ve always known that great style runs in the family, but these days, it truly feels like every great trendsetter has an equally chic sister counterpart. Think about it: Cara and …read more