Pear and Prosecco Sorbet

December 31st! Can you believe it?! It’s been an absolutely fabulous holiday season — one of the best yet, to be sure — but all of the wining, dining and non-stop celebrating has me feeling that I’ve perhaps hit my limit on holiday indulgences. I’m gearing up for some serious clean eating in January, but […]

Espresso Chocolate Chunk Skillet Brownies

Sometimes you just need a big warm hug… and sometimes you need a warm brownie with ice cream. In my book, no other taste quite satisfies that craving for warm gooey chocolate that strikes daily occasionally. I just got these adorable mini cast iron skillets and have been brainstorming fun ways to use them. First things first: individual […]

Mexican Wedding Cookies

Most of us have a few foods that instantly take us back to childhood, and these cookies are one of them for me. Growing up, my grandmother “Mo” made batches of her famous sand tarts as the centerpiece to our Christmas Eve gathering each year, and I always looked forward to biting into the buttery […]

Is This The Healthiest Thanksgiving Dessert Ever?

Confession: I don’t love pie. I know I know, it’s criminal, especially this time of year, but in my hierarchy of desserts, pie doesn’t even come close to being the top of the pyramid. So around Thanksgiving, you can usually find me getting my pumpkin fill and satisfying my sweet tooth in other ways… these ridiculous pumpkin spice cinnamon […]

Teaselwood Apple Pie

Interior designer and owner of Teaselwood Designs, Charity Buchika whipped up this classic apple pie to serve on the front porch of her home in upstate New York. See the full story and all of Charity’s tips for creating a gorgeous fall buffet here. Read below for Charity’s apple pie recipe (and look for her […]

Baked Apple Cider Donuts with Brown Butter Glaze

Typically around this time of year, I find myself daydreaming of ways to spookify my favorite baked treats. Witches, goblins and all the creepy crawly things I can wrap my head around, they’re all there, waiting to be turned into something sweet. But this year, it’s been a little different. The end of the month crept up […]

Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Rolls

I know, pumpkin spice everything has invaded the interwebs this month, but c’mon: it only comes around once a year and the season is so fleeting! And I’m #sorrynotsorry that we’re just going to keep the pumpkin train going for 6 more weeks until we’re officially sick of it. You’ll forgive me once you’ve laid […]

Easy Homemade Caramel Corn

It doesn’t feel like fall until I’ve eaten ______. How would you fill in the blank? For me, it’s caramel apples, pumpkin everything, a steaming mug of chai tea, and sweet-spicy-crunchy caramel corn. I think it reminds me of the fall carnivals we used to have at school growing up, where everyone dressed up and there […]

Halloween Monster Cupcakes

This morning as we took the kids on a walk around the neighborhood, we spotted the first few houses all decked out with giant spiderwebs, ghosts hanging from trees, and witches guarding front doors on their broomsticks. It definitely made me start getting in the spirit of things — which is perfect timing since today’s […]

Maple Molasses Donuts

I think it’s safe to say Summer is officially over.  It’s suddenly a little too cold in the evenings to go out in a tee shirt, and naturally I’m craving anything spiced.  Now that we can use our ovens happily without resenting it, I think it’s time to get baking.  These donuts are the perfect transitional breakfast […]

Maple Affogatos + Amaretti Cookies

Happy First Day of Fall! Can you believe it’s already here? Autumn’s arrival definitely snuck up this year, leaving me feeling slightly sad for missed opportunities to spend lazy days by the pool and evenings barbecuing with friends, but also hopeful and excited for crisp mornings, tall leather boots, and the twinkly magic of the […]

Raw Raspberry Lemon Cheesecake

Click here for more Purely Elizabeth recipes. “When I was 15, I discovered the Cheesecake Factory with my best friends from camp. I can still taste that life-altering first bite of cookie dough cheesecake. I literally thought I had found dessert nirvana. God knows what was in that cheesecake that made it weigh a pound. […]

Dark Chocolate & Coffee Ice Cream

*editor’s note: Constantly having to stare at mouthwatering, indulgent desserts on a computer screen is a tough job.  And when that dessert happens to be the product of all my favorite flavors, it can feel like complete torture. Enter this beauty by Megan Giller: the undeniable marriage of chocolate and coffee, in the form of two decadent scoops of ice cream. […]

Plum & Blueberry Hand Pies with Lavender Crust

We’re at the point in the year where, down here in Texas, things really start to heat up. The sun is scorching hot, you can most definitely fry an egg on the sidewalk (or maybe even an entire chicken…not that I’ve tried), and nobody dares to venture outside without a liberal coating of sunscreen and […]