How to Frost a Layer Cake

By Camille Styles
step by step instructions to a perfectly frosted layer cake

My birthday is on Sunday, and I’m already dreaming of cake. And although I find baking them to be extremely enjoyable, I’ve never been that great at making my layer cakes look as good as they taste. I decided to call in the expert, Chef Callie Speer of Geraldine’s here in Austin — you guys might remember the epic homemade donuts she showed us how to make a while back, and you can bet that she doesn’t disappoint in the cake department either. Watch the video above to see all Callie’s secret pastry chef tips on making a birthday cake that’s beautiful enough for Instagram, and if you’re looking for more fun recipe vids, don’t miss my superfood salmon salad, 2 amazing guacamole recipes, or my secrets to perfectly roasted veggies.

how to perfectly frost a layer cake step by step instructions to a perfectly frosted layer cake watch the video to see how to perfectly frost a layer cake host to frost a birthday cake beautiful birthday cake with fresh flowers on top how to frost an Instagram-worthy layer cake

**Video by Eve Tarlo & crew, photos by Kate LeSueur**

Comments (5)

  1. Laura says:

    What perfect timing! I can make a delicious cake, but making it look pretty is another story. I was planning on baking a birthday cake for Friday but needed frosting help. Thanks so much!

    1. laura says:

      PS: happy birthday, Camille! Have a wonderful time in Cabo- we got married there 2 years ago!

  2. Molly says:

    This cake is pretty, but Phoebe is such a scene stealer! I’m in my office tearing up over her sweet little voice!

    (disclaimer that I am her aunt and not just a creeper.)

  3. arianna says:

    Love this! It is very helpful and sometimes the smallest tricks can help! Thank you for inspiring people!

  4. Jane Murray says:

    Oh my goodness, P is adooooorable!!!!

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