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DIY Halloween Monster Favor Bags


Monster Favor Bags

By / October 7th

Ah, the magic of googly eyes. How is it that they’re so simple, yet as soon as they’re placed on any inanimate object, it’s brought to life? I love testing that theory …read more

DIY Carnation Stir Sticks


Carnation Stir Sticks

By / June 9th

It’s summertime, and you need these stir sticks in your life… or at the very least, in your cocktails. Planning to host (or co-host) any time soon? These little beauties …read more


Fruity Candy Bar Wrappers

By / April 30th

Around here, nothing’s more exciting than getting our hands on a new tech gadget, so when the Sprout by HP arrived on our office doorstep, we couldn’t unpack the thing fast enough. …read more

DIY Paper + Fabric Crowns | Sweet Louise Photography for Camille Styles


DIY :: Fabric + Paper Crowns

By / July 18th

After reading this morning’s Little Things post, I’m almost embarrassed to to admit to  you guys how much time I’ve spent today basking in memories of summer days filled with playing dress …read more