On My Nightstand

We got back from Miami last night, and while traveling is usually the time when I make loads of progress in the books I have going, let’s just say that when you have an 18-month-old in tow, things are a little different. “Downtime” typically doesn’t even make an appearance! Towards the last half of our […]

How to Make a Martini

This is the second post in our new “How To” series that will share fresh ways to bring more style into everyday life.  Nestled underneath the offices of one of Austin’s most respected (and Mad Men esque) ad agencies, McGarrah Jessee, is what will soon be the city’s hottest watering hole — Garage. Filled with original art deco design details, co-owners […]

My Favorite Healthy Snacks

Recent nutritional wisdom has portrayed conflicting views when it comes to the idea of “snacking.” Most women’s magazines praise the virtues of small meals throughout the day, while current bestseller The Fast Diet touts stretching as much time as possible between meals without so much as a nibble. The Fast Metabolism Diet  recommends eating six times daily […]

Love + Work :: Miller and Jana Mobley

At just age 27, Miller Mobley has risen to the top of the ultra competitive photography industry to become one of the most sought after shooters in the business, traveling the world shooting A-list celebrities on assignment for the likes of TIME, Entertainment Weekly and the Hollywood Reporter, to name a few. He’s done it […]

Tuesday Tastings :: Toasted Coconut & Almond Granola

I’m always a fan of a salty-sweet combo, which is probably why I can eat granola by the handful and often find myself gravitating towards it when afternoon munchies strike. As much as I love it, I think that granola might be one of the most deceptively calorie and fat-laden foods around — I mean, […]

Field Trip :: Floral Class With The Nouveau Romantics

A bouquet of flowers invariably manages to make my heart skip a beat, no matter the occasion; and the affectionate feeling certainly continued when Elizabeth Lewis of The Nouveau Romantics invited us to play florist for a day and get a taste of their daily design routine. We were led into a whimsical floral fantasy of […]

The Super Foodie :: Millet & Broccolini Salad

I love millet for its nutty flavor, great consistency and quick cooking time.  This salad is the kind of dish I like to have in my back pocket for those nights when I want something warm, comforting and delicious, but don’t want to invest a lot of time into it.  It’s the perfect weeknight throw […]

Field Trip :: A Spa Party at Hiatus

Can you guys believe that there’s only a week left in January? It feels like the first month of 2014 completely flew by, and I would guess that somewhere around this time is when the enthusiasm for our New Years resolutions begins to slowly fizzle out. In an effort to keep the fire burning and […]

The Super Foodie :: Roasted Sunchoke Soup

Jerusalem Artichokes — also known as sunchokes — are one of the vegetables I get most excited about when Fall comes, and in the next few weeks they’ll reach their peak. They’re so delicious when roasted with a little olive oil and sea salt, and when I have time to spend in the kitchen, they […]

10 Best Smoothie Recipes

If you ask me, there’s no better way to incorporate fresh ingredients and natural sweetness into your diet than with a refreshing, fully-loaded smoothie. Whether you turn to your blender (or Vitamix, or Magic Bullet) for your morning fuel or an afternoon pick-me-up, let the drink serve as your tool to achieving healthy New Years resolutions (remember […]

On My Nightstand

I thought that this month’s reading list would be predictably self-improvement oriented… but when I looked at the books on my nightstand that I really wanted to read, it turned out to be more about fun! We’ve got a highly-anticipated novel, a collection of fashion industry correspondence, a coming-of-age tale about culture and class structure and a […]