We Got Bikes!

By Camille Styles
Brooklyn Bikes Date Idea

Brooklyn Bikes Date Idea

Adam and I have been wanting to get bikes for ages — we’ve rented them on vacation and ridden from Venice Beach to Malibu and to see volcanic rock in Maui, and it always makes for one of the most memorable part of a trip. So we finally took the plunge and ordered two classic cruisers from Brooklyn Bicycle Co., then set off over the weekend for our first impromptu bicycle date.

Brooklyn Bikes Date Idea

Adam went for the sleek Wythe city bike, and I chose the supremely photogenic Willow seven speed. Both strike the perfect balance between vintage style and modern functionality and ride like a dream. And of course I had to install this wooden crate so I’d be ready for farmers’ market runs.
Brooklyn Bikes Date Idea

Riding our bikes to our destination allowed us plenty of time to partake in our favorite shared activity: driving through our favorite Austin neighborhoods, looking at houses and taking inspiration from the architecture and landscaping. There’s something about the combination of sunshine and feeling the breeze go by that instantly makes me feel energized and carefree.Brooklyn Bikes Date IdeaIt was a perfect 30-minute ride to meet our friends at Josephine House in Clarksville. I felt cool cruising up to the front yard; that is, until I forgot the crate was on the back of my bike, gracefully caught my leg on it, and totally wiped out on the pavement. Yep, that really happened. (don’t worry, only my pride was injured.)
josephine house austin, burrata & strawberries

The perfect date starts with THIS appetizer: burrata with strawberries and mint for the table with an equal mix of rosé, coffee, and green juice all around.josephine house, austin, brunch menu

Then, on to brunch. Poached eggs with sautéed veggies for me, steak and eggs for Adam, homemade granola with almond milk for friends.Brooklyn Bikes Date Idea

We capped it of with a quick ride through Clarksville before heading home with plenty of time for a cozy Sunday night in with the kids. I’m excited about a summer ahead full of lots of cruising together, and have been brainstorming ideas for all the places we can take our bikes. There’s something romantic about just getting out and doing something different than the usual date night, don’t you think?

Brooklyn Bikes Date Idea

I’d love to hear how you guys shake up your couples’ time! Leave a comment and let us know your favorite activities to do together when you want a break from ‘dinner and a movie.’

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