Exactly How to do SXSW, from a 20 Year Vet

Editor’s Note: Andrea McAlister is an Austinite, lover of live music, and longtime friend of the blog. She dropped in to give us her best tips for surviving SXSW before hitting the streets for her twentieth year at the festival! My first SXSW was in 1998. I was lucky enough to know Brent Grulke, the […]

A Weekend On The Lake

Half-way through Summer ’17, and it’s already going down in my book as one of the best ever. The reason? Because this summer, more than last year and the year before, I’ve found myself spending tons of time on the water. From this unforgettable day at sea with the team to an afternoon on the Mediterranean with family, I’ve […]

Cooking Class with Haven’s Kitchen

When we heard that Alison Cayne of Haven’s Kitchen was going to be in town promoting her new book, we couldn’t wait to meet her in person. So when she reached out to see if we might be interested in getting together for a quick cooking class, the answer was an obvious yes. We wanted to host the […]

When the World’s Best Restaurant Opens a Pop-Up in Tulum

ed note: When we heard that our friend, Tara Miko, was headed to Tulum to dine at the once-in-a-lifetime Noma pop-up, we begged her to capture it all and report back. Here she shares the highlights, the food porn, and everything you need to know about traveling Tulum, even if a table at Noma’s not on your agenda. […]

How to Find Your Perfect Vacation Rental Online

Call it a quirk, but I love searching short term rental properties online. If you ask me, sites like HomeAway have been the best thing to happen to travel since the commercial flight. Why stay in a boring old franchised hotel chain when you can post up in an actual home? Even better, if you know how […]

A Healthy Lunch Date at Austin’s Newest Juice Bar

In a couple of months, we’ll be making the big move downtown to our newly renovated office bungalow. We can’t wait to have extra space to work on projects and endless storage for our ever-growing supply of props. But really, what we’re most excited about is being blocks away from some of our favorite lunch spots […]

A Swanky Cocktail Party to Toast the New Year

It feels like a new hot spot opens in Austin every weekend (because it does), and our list of must-try restaurants is starting to get a bit out of control. After checking out Eberly’s bar for Landrie’s birthday bash last month, we were smitten, and couldn’t wait to get back to try their contemporary American cuisine in that stunning midcentury dining room. For our most recent girls’ […]


In case you didn’t get enough of Sicily on my Instagram feed, thought I’d pop in on this holiday with a little recap of our trip — it was one of those places where it was literally impossible to take a bad photo, and I just have to share them with someone (#CantStopWontStop). So bear with […]

The Pottery All the Coolest Restaurants Are Using

Chances are, if you’ve dined at Austin hotspots Qui, Uchi, or Emmer & Rye, you’ve already met Keith Kreeger. As a firm believer that thoughtfully made objects and delicious food go hand in hand, Keith is the ceramicist behind the handmade dishware and serving pieces in over two dozen restaurants across the country. His minimalist style and work with soft matte […]

My New Ice Cream Sandwich Obsession

One of the most fun things about Phoebe getting a little older (she turns 4 in August!!) is that she appreciates our mama-daughter dates a lot more than she used to. When I announce we’re going somewhere special, it’s not uncommon for her to whisper conspiratorially, “Girls only, right?” Life has been crazy lately with […]


Rule #1: Forget everything you think you know (and don’t mention that Netflix show.)