Professional designers love monochromatic spaces for good reason — while specific color combinations tend to be super trendy (think hunter green and maroon in the 90s), single colors presented individually can hold their value much longer. Limiting the color palette in your living space is definitely a designer move — and while it might seem impossible at first, you may find that it actually opens up the freedom you have to mix different patterns, textures, and periods. Scroll down for ten monochromatic rooms that make the case for single color design:

photo by jason frank rothenberg for domino 

Garance Doré’s all navy bedroom

image via regiane santos

Shades of red in Morocco

photo by benjamin edwards for urban pioneer

An all green industrial kitchen

photo by kate zimmerman turpin

A sand colored bar in Morocco

photo via maison boheme

An aquamarine bath

photo by kate zimmerman turpin

Kate and Luke Turpin’s all neutral sunday house

photo via elle decor

A cobalt blue library

photo by pippa drummond for sight unseen

Paul Denoly and Nick Blaine’s peach dream

photo by kara rosenlund

Kara Rosenlund’s all neutral studio

photo by designtripper

Plywood perfection in Finland








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