Have you jumped on the no-devices-before-bed bandwagon yet? If you’re new to the concept, it’s not so much a trend as it is a practice that’s crucial in the pursuit of restful sleep and overall better health long term. That said, we know that the subconscious reflex to pick up your phone whenever it’s around is real, which is why the only way to truly ditch your devices at bedtime is to eliminate them from your space altogether. That means any reading has to happen with an actual book, and for that morning wake up call? A good old fashioned alarm clock.

Since making the switch to an alarm clock, I’ve found that winding down at night and waking up in the morning feel a lot more restorative.

Plus, there are some seriously cute options out there! Ready to make the switch? We can’t guarantee you’ll love the sound of these buzzers going off in the morning, but we promise you won’t hate the sight of them.

Twemco Flip Alarm Clock from the MoMa Store

ColorSpring Wooden Digital Alarm Clock from Amazon

Victrola Retro Chrome Digital Alarm Clock from Urban Outfitters

Victrola Digital Clock Stereo from Urban Outfitters

Kids Digital Clock from Pottery Barn

Round Time Table Clock from Target

The Glow Light from Casper

Gingko Edge Light Alarm Clock from Urban Outfitters

Arne Jacobsen Alarm Clock from Schoolhouse

Grey and Black Cubic Alarm Table Clock from CB2

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Chanel Dror