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5 Ideas to Steal from This Mediterranean-Inspired Bathroom

Blue and white never felt so right.

By Cristina Cleveland
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When Keren and Thomas Richter renovated their Williamsburg home, they collected Delft and Portuguese tiles from various international eBay sellers and pieced together a pattern for their guest bath over time. I think we can all agree that the result is stunning, but am I prepared to start my own global search for salvaged tiles? Not at the moment. Luckily there’s a more accessible alternative on the market to help you get the look, with no salvaging required. Keep reading for a renter-friendly option, and 4 more ideas to steal from this bathroom.

Tile wallpaper

Peel and stick wallpaper is no longer reserved for children’s bedroom decals. Today they’re easier than ever to install (and remove) and come in incredibly stylish patterns like these Mediterranean mosaic tiles below. I’ve personally used Chasing Paper and love all of the modern designs they offer, but to recreate the effect of these mismatched tiles I actually found a dupe at World Market. Wallpapers like this are easy to put up and take down, leaving no residue or damage behind. Will it be an exact match to the real deal? No. But can you put it up this weekend and then try something new next year guilt-free? Yes.

A plush robe

This doesn’t need to be reserved for hotel stays or your guest bath. A fancy robe is a treat yourself purchase that you can actually get a lot of use out of. Plus they give your bathroom a spa-like feel when hung up and not in use.

Terracotta vase

 In an interview with Architectural Digest, the Richters shared that they use an old terracotta olive oil jug in place of their waste bin. It’s not for everyone (as a dog owner, I’m someone who needs a bin with a lid) but it’s certainly an inspiring idea to look for new and different ways to repurpose the pottery in your life.

Plant life

 If you have the space and a window in your bathroom then by all means, move a houseplant in there stat! If you don’t have space for a leafy monstera or much natural light, then you can still steal from this space by placing a bud vase on the sink. A sprig of leaves will do the trick, and you probably have a jar or glass that you can use to hold them.

Antique accessories

The Richters found a turn-of-the-century sink for their guest bath (that required special parts to work), but there are plenty of ways to incorporate an antique feel into a space that don’t require a plumber. The aluminum utensil holder below is actually a rustic French kitchen item, but would work beautifully to hold a hand towel and hand soap in the bathroom. Soap dishes, antique frames, and small bowls for jewelry are all items I regularly see at antique malls and thrift shops that could give even a brand new bathroom a touch of old world elegance.

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