Announcing Our Next Big Design Project

By Camille Styles

I’ve always been a big believer that our surroundings have a huge effect on our mental and emotional state, but it wasn’t until we moved into our renovated studio space that I realized how much an inspiring environment can truly spark creativity. The light pouring in through the windows each morning makes me so excited to sit down at my desk each day, and the open work spaces have created all new ways for us to collaborate as a team.

When HP invited us to take part in their #ReinventGiving holiday campaign this year, I knew that I wanted to share our experience by giving the gift of a beautiful workspace to someone who’s deserving. As a team, we decided to thank the incredible teachers at Phoebe’s school through a teachers lounge makeover, giving them a place to get recharged and re-inspired each day. Keep scrolling to see how the project is coming together, and how we’re using HP’s new Spectre x360 to bring our ideas to life.

As most of you know, we spent all of last year renovating a 100-year-old bungalow in downtown Austin. We searched for the right space for almost 2 years, and finally stumbled upon our dilapidated house that had plenty of charm, but needed a complete gut renovation. The team and I spent countless hours collaborating with our architects at Low Design Office on the space planning, then making decisions on interior design and finish-outs. It was an intense process, but I found it to be incredibly inspiring and a tangible reminder of the way that a physical space can spark creativity. I’m sharing some of the notes that our team made using the HP Spectre that allowed us to import our architect’s plans, then seamlessly make notes and drawings to share with him.

Technology is obviously an integral part of everything we do, especially when it can empower us to think creatively and spontaneously. When we brainstormed a great visual idea, the Spectre enabled us to instantly bring it to life in the physical world.

My daughter Phoebe started kindergarten this year, and during our school tour I noticed that the teachers lounge could use a design freshen up. So when we started collaborating with HP, it was the perfect opportunity to “pay it forward” and thank the teachers at our school by giving them a beautiful place to get recharged.

We started the process by interviewing some of the teachers, hearing what their dreams are for the space, and how we can make it over to enhance their lives and make it an inspiring place for them to be.

As you can see, there’s a lot of room for improvement – and we’re excited about the challenge.

Carmen used the Sketchpad app on the HP Spectre to create a detailed layout full of design ideas for us to reference. Being able to flip the Spectre from laptop mode into tablet mode and use a pen to add in comments made it so easy for us to develop our ideas in a visual way.

We designed the layout of the room to allow more seating at dining tables, as well as a comfy corner where the teachers can relax. Our dream for this space is that it will allow the teachers to recharge, collaborate, and go back to class feeling engaged and creative.

Having a space that inspires my team to create and collaborate has been game-changing – I find myself looking forward to Monday mornings so I can get in the office and tackle new projects and ideas.

Our new project is an extension of this idea – and we can’t wait to give the gift of a beautiful workspace to the teachers who are so deserving.