5 Design Rules for an Efficient and Beautiful Kitchen

Because practical can be pretty, too!

By Camille Styles

A look inside most people’s kitchens will reveal stacks of teetering dishes, pots and pans stashed wherever they’ll fit, and drawers overflowing with gadgets that never get used. If it sounds like an all-too-familiar scenario, you may be in need of a kitchen intervention! After living in a space for a couple of years, it inevitably becomes time to do a little reconfiguring, which is why we’re sharing some of our favorite kitchen organization ideas.

But before the organizing can begin, it’s time to take inventory and make sure your space is stocked with only the most functional, well-designed pieces that you’ll turn to for busy weekday breakfasts, Saturday night parties, and everything in between. Don’t waste space with items that aren’t as functional as they are beautiful—everything should have a purpose and look good as well.

A few years ago, we utilized some of the incredible pieces from the Target Made By Design line to give us a hand in our Camille Styles’ HQ. (We are all remote now, but the same rules we applied then, still apply today!) When it comes to areas of my house that need to be super high functioning (i.e. closets, bathrooms, and kitchen), I need them to be efficient and organized, but I also want them to be beautiful. And gone are the days of thinking that you have to sacrifice one for the other.

It’s time to clear the clutter and simplify so you can actually enjoy your next big project: getting dinner on the table. Scroll on to see our top kitchen organization ideas, and how we transformed our kitchen to make it the hardest working space in the house.

Here are the kitchen organization ideas I live by to make it happen.

Tip #1: Stack your dishes

Especially if space is an issue, stackable dishes will be your secret sidekick to keeping your kitchen organized and beautiful (looking at you, open shelving lovers.)

These gorgeous plates are made of chip-resistant glass, which means I can use them every day—and my kids can too! Plus, they go for $40 for a set of 18, so you’re totally set. Enough said.

Our open shelving has never looked better. Combining just a few simple and clean pieces with a few inspiring decorative elements was an easy way to keep things minimal, but still interesting.

Tip #2: Decant everything

Give the pantry a polished look by storing your dry goods in transparent canisters. It’s an affordable way to transform your kitchen, and you can find the snacks or ingredients you need with one glance.

The items pictured above include:

Kitchen Cabinet Organizer Basket; Open Front Stackable Basket; Kitchen Cabinet Lid Organizer; Ceramic Coated Aluminum Cookware Set; Rectangular Plastic Food Storage Containers

Tip #3: Streamline your palette

Staying within a limited color palette gives your dishes and cookware that streamlined look you’ll find in the best professional kitchens. These stainless steel cooking tools and flatware are sleek, stylish, and affordable enough to fit into any budget.

Tip #4: Corral appliances off the counter

What to do with those bulky appliances that take up too much space on the counter? Put them on a cart that can easily be wheeled in and out of the kitchen when not in use. It keeps your countertops clean and cord-free, even when you’re working with limited space.

The items pictured above include:

Automatic Drip Silver Coffee Maker; Stainless Steel Toaster; Large Mesh Strainer; Pourover Glass Coffee Maker

I can’t get enough of this Stock Pot with a Steamer Insert. I never could have imagined that it was possible for it to be even easier to cook pasta to perfection.

Tip #5: Mix your Materials

I’m jazzing up my minimalist color palette by using different materials like wood and stone. A little texture warms up the entire space, and everything still looks clean and coordinated.

A simplified space means less time searching through drawers, and more time having fun in the kitchen.