No matter your office aesthetic, there’s one thing we can all agree on: When our workspace is a mess, so are we. Countless studies (especially those done post-pandemic) show a strong correlation between productivity and a clean workspace. You may not be able to control things like size and sunlight, but you can always cut down on the clutter. So we’ve gathered 26 easy desk organization ideas to help you get—and stay—inspired.

Featured image by Michelle Nash.

Image by Teal Thomsen

26 Desk Organization Ideas for Instant Inspiration

1. Stash it in a basket

Who decided that every highlighter, paper clip, and stress relief ball needed to sit in plain site? Arrange a set of raffia baskets for the items you don’t often reach for.

Jungalow Set of Peach + Tan Raffia Baskets

2. Cut the cable clutter

These slick brass cable cord clips are a minimalist’s dream—with hundreds of five-star reviews to back them up.

Brighttia Cable Organizer

3. Invest (just a little) in the best desk organizer

There are plenty of desktop organizers out there. Opt for one that’s slick, easy to clean, and—most importantly—affordable.

Yamazaki 2300 Desk Bar-Wood & Steel Organizer

4. Embrace the stack

Made with solid ash wood, these stackable drawer dividers can easily suit most desk drawers, keeping out-of-sight objects effortlessly organized. 

The Container Store Ash Wood Drawer Organizer Natural

5. Double-duty drawers

Stack your monitor or laptop to add instant dimension to your desk—and some storage space while you’re at it.

The Container Store Deluxe Monitor Stand With Drawer

6. Make your walls work for you

This wall organizer is a bit of a splurge, but the Italian-made beauty truly does it all—and looks good doing it.

Mytheresa Vitra Uten Silo II

7. Mix but match

Beam Brooklyn’s hand-thrown pots offer perfect earthy storage for pens and pencils.  

Beam BK Studio Arhoj Pen Pots

8. Maximize the space beneath your desk

Designed by two sisters, Mustard’s vintage-inspired lockers are chic, functional pieces to tuck below your desk space.

Mustard Made The Shorty in Sage

9. Push it real good

Never underestimate the motivational power of a pretty push pin.

Erin Condren All Hands In Push Pin Set

10. Letters aren’t litter

Take pride in your mail piles with this Fred Segal-designed beauty that immediately elevates your space. 

CB2 Solid Brass Letter Tray

11. Shed some light

Your trusty desk lamp doesn’t have to take up precious surface area.

Rejuvenation Cylinder Task Wall Light

12. Really into labels

No list of desk organization ideas would be complete without one. So go ahead, give in to your urge to buy a label maker. Your productivity will thank you.

NiiMbot D11 Portable Wireless Connection Label

13. Cuter corkboards

Your corkboard doesn’t have to be such a square.

Urban Outfitters Shaped Icon Corkboard

14. Nice rack

Keep your glossy subscriptions (or whatever paperwork you need easy access to) on sophisticated display.

Anthropologie Viv Leather Sling Magazine Holder

15. Put them on a pedestal

Display plants, candles, flowers, or whatever your heart desires on these beach wood pedestals for instant, eye-catching dimension.

AREAWARE Pete Oyler Plant Pedestals

16. Worry-free waste

Want a wastebasket that’s more within your reach (or more out of reach for certain four-legged friends)? This Yamazaki wonder keeps it modern.

Yamazaki Wall-Mount Storage or Trash Bin

17. Attractive Office Essentials

Don’t let run-of-the-mill home office supplies mess with your desk’s visual flow.

Hawkins New York Brass Paper Clips

18. Roll with it

Sure, most people are flying printer-free these days, but should someone need to store paper or ink cartridges, this slick rolling cart does the trick with style.

Yamazaki Home Desktop Printer Stand

19. Ditch the sticky notes and put pen to prettier paper

There’s no scientific research that proves you’ll take better notes on aesthetically-pleasing, streamlined notepads—but there’s nothing to disprove our theory either.

Hawkins New York Japanese Drawing Pad

20. Functional decor

Turn basic trays into vibrant works of color block art with these geometric beauties.

Hay Kaleido Set

21. A bit of a reach

Floating shelves above your office desk offer extra storage and can help make a smaller workplace feel grander.

West Elm Reclaimed Pine (24) Floating Shelf

22. Better bookends

A contemporary design that’s solid enough to keep your heftiest tomes from slipping.

AREAWARE Henry Julier Reference Bookend

23. Utilize often-ignored space

If you’re lucky enough to have an office door, make the most of it.

The Container Store Elfa Mesh White 80 Over The Door Rack

24. File it away

If the term “file cabinet” still elicits bland, old-school drawers, we assume you haven’t yet laid eyes on Article’s pretty oak option, which features soft close drawers and the ability to choose whether the cabinet opens to the left or right.

Article Deca Filing Cabinet

25. Streamlined shelves

Buy a few and line ’em up on a shelf for organized office storage that’s easy on the eyes.

The Container Store Bigso Marten Magazine Holder Grey

26. A trash can that doubles as décor

There’s nothing worse than a bland deskside trash can that totally harshes your vibe (apart from no trash can at all of course). Keep it cute and mess-free with a chic paper bin.

Hay Paper Paper Bin

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