Friends often come to me with their houseplant problems — leaves falling, sad wilting, no new growth — and they’re usually surprised to hear my diagnosis: it shouldn’t be a houseplant at all. Think about the conditions in which plants thrive outdoors — humidity in the air, natural sunlight, pollinators buzzing about.

While some plants perform better than others in indoor settings, it’s not uncommon for most to ultimately die due to dry air quality, inadequate lighting, and poor soil. For that reason, I encourage friends with a craving for greens in their living spaces to take artificial plants for a test drive. Our favorite shops now sell incredible faux options, making it easy to add a realistic botanical splash to your home, and best of all: the only maintenance these beauties require is a dusting now and then. From budding bulbs to full-on fiddle leafs, there’s a faux version of nearly every plant out there… here are my 15 favorites.

image by Pottery Barn

Faux Hanging Succulent, Terrain

Artificial Daffodils in Glass Pot, Threshold

Hanging Monstera Ball, West Elm

Faux Eucalyptus in Terracotta Pot, Hearth & Hand

Small Artificial Hanging Plant, Threshold

Wild Field Faux Bouquet, Anthropologie

Faux Potted Fiddle Leaf Tree, Pottery Barn

Artificial Rubber Tree, Crate and Barrel

White Peony Flower Stem, Crate and Barrel

Faux Potted Aloe Plant, Terrain

Natural Protea, West Elm

Faux Potted Sago Palm Tree, Pottery Barn

Faux Potted Caladium Houseplant, Pottery Barn

Dried Palm Leaf, West Elm

Faux Potted Maiden Hair Fern, Pottery Barn

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    Brooke @ The Inspired Abode | March 28, 2019 at 4:09 pm

    Omg they really do look SO real! I just moved into a place without a ton of natural light & all of my plants are dying. Definitely going to check out switching to faux (especially in the not so sunny areas), so thank you for this!!

    xo, Brooke
    The Inspired Abode

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