My Favorite Decor Trends of 2017 So Far

By Cristina Cleveland

For some people, trends are a fun way to experiment and evolve their style; for others, they’re something to keep at arm’s length. Especially when it comes to homewares, which can be a larger investment than clothes or makeup, I want to be sure that I’m going to love my purchases for a long time. That’s why I’m a big fan of “mini trends,” those easy-to-incorporate touches like editing the contents of a bookshelves or, in my case, buying a functional item in a color I wouldn’t normally choose. What trends have you been noticing this year, and which ones are you planning to try?

Statement planters – Our homes became indoor gardens and urban jungles in 2016, and this year the standard planter has been upgraded to statement pieces like Mimi Jung’s rounded planters or the self-watering copper planter.

Minimal bookshelves – Over the last few years we’ve seen color coordinated bookshelves and expertly curated vignettes with the rise of the shelfie. If your bookshelves are anything like mine, they’ve accumulated more and more accessories over time and I’m loving the minimal bookshelf styling I’ve been seeing lately. A muted palette of neutral colors and sweet ceramics fits right into the Marie Kondo craze of getting rid of what no longer brings us joy – including books and souvenirs.

Jute rugs – I still love a beautiful Kilim or a traditional Beni Ourain, but for a large area rug they can be a major investment. We’re seeing jute rugs used indoors just as much as outdoors, and their neutral colors match any palette you’re working with.

Copper – The jury is out on whether this is “in” or “out “(I’ve seen articles emphatically proclaiming both). Since we only have a handful of metals to choose from the trend is constantly cycling in and out, and I personally think copper has a glamorous yet casual vibe that’s perfect for spring.

Pink is a neutral now – It would appear millennial pink isn’t going anywhere any time soon. It’s the color of Instagram’s favorite restaurants, beauty lines, and coworking spaces. Perhaps you hate hot pink or Barbie pink, but this muted tone is androgynous and for the purposes of decorating, is being used as a neutral. It’s starting to make its way into my home, how about yours?

Let me know in the comments what your favorite trend of 2017 is so far. And is there a 2016 trend you’ve been happy to see go? 

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