7 Pieces That Will Add French Style to Your Home

By Cristina Cleveland
mimi thorisson, medoc, france

Stir fries, pastas, fajitas – these are well-practiced dishes in my kitchen. But one cuisine that still seems to elude me is French cooking. I admire blogs like Mimi Thorisson’s Manger that manage to make it look so simple and of course delicious. So this year I’d like to master her roast chicken with herbs recipe, which seems straightforward enough! I’m sure the setting of her home in the French village St-Yzans-de-Médoc helps add to the experience, so today I’ve pulled together a few of my favorite ways to add French touches to your own kitchen. And I’d love to know – is there a cuisine or dish that you’re looking to learn? Share yours in the comments so we can challenge each other to take it on this summer!

Copper cookware – Mimi’s wall display of copper pots and pans is both a gorgeous feature and a great way to create storage when you may be short on space. She didn’t hang hers in a perfect grid, and I think the casual arrangement adds to the overall look.

Bistro chair – Wooden bentwood chairs are one of the easiest ways to make your kitchen instantly feel more like a bistro. You can hunt for mis-matched chairs in thrift shops, luckily they’re very common.

Herbs – Mimi’s photos are always full of freshly picked herbs and vegetables from her garden. Grow your own herb garden and you will always have tasty herbs on hand.

Apron – Admittedly I love the way aprons look, but I rarely (ok never) wear one. The linen apron above is like a cute shift dress that I’d wear even out of the kitchen.

Plates & silverware – Antique shops are always brimming with precious plates and full sets of silverware. It always takes self control for me not to buy several sets!

Wooden hutch – A hutch with glass doors is the perfect way to display all of your antique finds.

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