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15 Gorgeous Furniture Pieces To Elevate Small Spaces

Tiny size, major impact.

By Kristen Garaffo

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My very first apartment as a college sophomore in Boston was essentially a hallway. As you walked through the front door, you were met with a long, narrow passageway with rooms off to one side. It was teeny tiny, and furniture was kept to a minimum by necessity. While I’ve never lived in an apartment that small since, it’s now just my husband and I, so we have lived in a number of one-bedroom apartments. I’m quite accustomed to small space living, and honestly, love it. 

With that said, I know that buying furniture for small spaces is an art in and of itself. Storage is top of mind, the tape measurer is your best friend, and pieces that have dual purposes are the first thing to get added to the cart. Whether you already live in a studio apartment, or you’re thinking of downsizing, here are a few of our favorite furniture pieces for small space living. 

Coffee table best furniture for small spaces.

Healdsburg Wicker Side Table from Casa Zuma

A hand-woven wicker side table? Yes, please. This slightly curved, uniquely shaped table will for sure turn heads in your small space, whether it’s topped with a stack of books or a potted plant. This table would look fantastic next to an oversized chair, or could even act as a coffee table for a small sofa.  

Styling tips: Wicker can add a beautiful, natural accent to any room. It makes a space feel casual and inviting, so your living room is a perfect spot for a side table like this one. If you’re working with a minimalist design scheme, wicker can add some much-needed texture to balance your neutrals. Since wicker is a natural material, it looks picturesque paired with greenery. Keep a plant nearby to enhance its elemental beauty.  

Josie Upholstered Sofa from Pottery Barn

Anyone who’s lived in a city apartment knows the challenge of finding a sofa that fits your space. (Not to mention getting it through the door.) Sofas in small spaces can, literally, be a tight squeeze. Thankfully, the Josie sofa from Pottery Barn delivers both on both size and style. The smallest sofa available is a petite 58 inches, with the next size up being a loveseat at 73 inches. The round, slender arm rests are pretty and compact—making this sofa a dream for a studio or small living room

Styling tips: If you have your eye set on creating a statement wall in your space, whether with paint or wallpaper, place a creamy white sofa like the one pictured here in front of it. The neutral furniture will really make the color and pattern of the wallpaper pop. Add complementary pillows and throws for the ultimate cozy vibe. 

Sol Side Table from Casa Zuma

Even though space is tight in a small apartment, a side table next to a sofa or reading chair is important. Where else would you set your cup of tea down as you curl up with a good book? The Sol side table from Casa Zuma is a gorgeous handwoven piece that will look stunning in your living room, especially if you love warm neutrals.

Styling tips: The unique curves of this piece will look especially striking if paired with furniture that has sharper edges, like a sofa or chair with square arm rests. And since this is a statement piece, don’t feel like you need to place a ton on top of it. It looks eye-catching on its own.  

Fluted Drink Table from West Elm

Can’t find a side table small enough for your space? Try a drink table instead. Also called cocktail tables or martini tables, these tiny furniture pieces are perfect for setting beside your sofa or accent chairs to place, you guessed it, a drink. They’re great for anything small, whether it’s a lamp, a book, or your morning cup of coffee. Drink tables are charming and elegant and will no doubt add a touch of whimsy to your space. 

Styling tips: Drink tables aren’t just for your living room. They could work as a substitute nightstand for your bedroom, or you could even place them in your bathroom. Put bath salts in a pretty glass container on your drink table, then place it near your tub for an at-home spa moment.

Kamila Storage Ottoman from Lulu and Georgia

Dual-purpose furniture will always come in handy when decorating a small space, and storage ottomans can be a lifesaver for your living room. Tuck away extra blankets, slippers, or whatever else needs to be stored, and keep clutter out of sight and out of mind. This Lulu and Georgia ottoman comes in a variety of different textures and fabrics, giving you the option to make a fun statement or keep things chic and minimal. 

Styling tips: Ottomans can be more than just a comfy footstool for your couch. They can also act as a side table or coffee table, as well as extra seating for living room hangs. If you use one as a side or coffee table, be sure to place decor on a tray to ensure a steady surface.

Linden Round Wood Dining Table from Threshold™ x Studio McGee

Small, round tables like this one are made for small space living. Dining rooms in apartments or condos are usually part of the main living area and a round table fits off to the side quite nicely. This cozy dining table comfortably seats four, which is an ideal amount for hosting small dinner parties, having at-home dinner dates, or enjoying lunch with your family. 

Styling tips: While this makes for a lovely dining room table, it could also work as a breakfast nook if you have space in your kitchen. Some small spaces have galley kitchens, and placing a table toward the end of the space, especially if it’s by a window, would make an adorable breakfast nook. Coffee, anyone?  

Gilbert Arch Back Caned Woven Dining Chairs from Threshold™ x Studio McGee

Your dining table has to have seats, but you don’t have to settle for boring chairs if you don’t want to. These walnut dining chairs come as a set of two and are so adorable. The arched back and cane detailing will add charm to your dining room and look great around both a round or rectangular table. They’re also small enough that they won’t overwhelm a tiny dining area.

Styling tips: These chairs fit right into many different design styles. Keep your space cohesive by matching them with a walnut table, make them pop by pairing them with a sleek black table, or opt for a simple white tulip table. Amp up the charm with fresh flowers. 

Ladder Shelf Wall Desk from West Elm

We love a work from home space that is simple and easy to maintain. If you live in a studio or don’t have the luxury of an extra bedroom that could work as a home office, a leaning desk like this one from West Elm is the perfect solution. Sleek and compact, this little desk leans against a wall and has just enough desk space for your laptop and a light. It can be helpful to have a designated work area in your home, so if you prefer to keep your work away from spaces like your bedroom or the kitchen, this desk is ideal. 

Styling tips: Optimize the shelving above by storing notebooks, office supplies, and file folders. If your leaning desk gets good light, add a plant, and be sure to include some decor you love, like a framed photo or two as well.

Rattan and Wood Vanity Storage Desk from Nathan James

If you prefer a little more surface area, this compact desk from Nathan James would make a fantastic alternative to a leaning desk. Complete with a drawer, a cabinet, and a cubby—this piece provides plenty of storage for office supplies and even includes cable management to keep cords hidden. At only 42 inches wide and 19 inches across, this desk doesn’t take up much valuable real estate either. Plus, it’s beautiful to look at. 

Styling tips: Small space living means furniture with dual purposes, and when you’re not working at this desk, it also makes for a cute vanity. Keep your makeup in the drawer and place a small vanity mirror on top of the desk for an elegant and feminine touch.

Lenia White Oak Floating Nightstand from Article

If your bed frame takes up your entire bedroom (Ah, city living), you may need to be flexible when it comes to nightstands. While it’s debatable if nightstands are essential, it’s nice to have a little perch for a light, a cup of water, and your favorite read. And yes, a spot for your charging phone, too. Floating shelves take up way less space, and this one from Article includes a small drawer as well.

Styling tips: Even though this nightstand is small, see if you can add one small piece of decor that will bring you joy and add a personal touch to your bedroom. A bud vase, a small frame of a loved one, or a pretty ring dish are just a few ideas. 

Shiffer Console Table from Threshold™ x Studio McGee

Entryways are like the appetizer to the full meal that is your home. It’s the first space you’re in as soon as you and your guests step through the threshold, no matter how small your home is. If you have space for an entryway table, this woven piece from Studio McGee certainly makes a statement. It’s robust and sturdy, but its slim width makes it ideal for small space living. 

Styling tips: The natural texture makes this table versatile, so it pairs well with a variety of interior styles like traditional, modern, boho, and more. Outfit your entryway table with a lamp and a catch-all dish for keys. A nearby plant would look beautiful against the natural materials, and a mirror above the console would complete the look—making it easy to do last-minute touch-ups before heading out the door.    

Dalton Storage Bed from Castlery

Every bit of space counts when you’re living in a studio or one-bedroom apartment. Storage beds include pull-out drawers for extra blankets, bedding, or even extra space for clothing and shoes, making them perfect for small-space living. This bed from Castlery contains a large and small drawer, making it ideal for tiny bedrooms. 

Styling tips: If your bedroom doesn’t have room for a dresser, consider a storage bed like this one and make the bed the star of the show. Overwhelming a small bedroom with too much furniture can make the space feel cramped—not the greatest vibe for sleeping.

Cove Bed from Jenni Kayne

A bedroom with a calm, neutral color palette is a great way to keep the space you sleep in optimal for rest and relaxation—even more so if your bedroom isn’t much larger than your bed itself. The cozy neutral tone, small headboard, and soft, curved lines of the Cove Bed from Jenni Kayne make this a quintessential choice for a small bedroom. 

Styling tips: Bold colors will feel extra loud in a small space, so keep your bedroom color palette simple. If you don’t want neutral bedding to pair with the natural linen headboard of the bed, opt for soft blues, greens, or pinks instead.

Vincent Coffee Table Set from Castlery

Nesting coffee tables are great for small spaces because you’re getting a two-for-one. Keep both of the tables together for a cohesive look, or separate them to use as a coffee table and side table. This set works well with small sofas, and since they can move around easily, you can switch up the placement of them as often as you like. 

Styling tips: Because these coffee tables are small, you want to be careful not to overwhelm them with too much decor. Opt for small plants and coffee table books—a little goes a long way!

Fern Storage Cabinet from Anthropologie

Storage is essential, especially when it comes to small space living. More often than not, you’re going to need to add it yourself. I once lived in an apartment that only had a few kitchen cabinets, and they weren’t large enough to fit my dishes. Yikes. A storage cabinet comes in clutch for moments like that, and this very chic Anthropologie cabinet is stylish and practical. Available in a variety of colors, this cabinet is small enough that it won’t overwhelm a room, but has multiple shelves and generously-sized drawers to store whatever you might need. 

Styling tips: Consider anything that is displayed in your home as decor, and that includes the shelving on a cabinet like this one. Store your favorite dishes or cookware here, or perhaps a pretty vase or folded throws. Fill the rest of the space with art, your favorite cookbooks, and other decor. Hide the things you’d rather not see, such as electronics, papers, or pet supplies in the drawers.