Furoshiki Wrapped Gift Box


  • 1 yard fabric of your choice
  • a 6"-8" gift box
  • freshly cut flowers

  1. Lay out your fabric square in a diamond shape with the corner pointing towards you. Then, place your gift box square on top of the fabric with the straight edge pointing towards you. It should look as if you rotated your box 45 degrees on the center of the fabric.
  2. Fold the corner closest to you up and over the box. Tuck down the remaining fabric from this corner. Repeat this step with the corner of fabric across from you.
  3. Pull up the fabric from the remaining corners and tie them in a square knot on top of your gift box. Tuck the ears from the knot into your wrapping, or leave them out.
  4. Place flowers into the folds of your wrapping for a pretty detail.

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