It may only be the beginning of February, but I’ve had the start of spring on my mind since the calendar changed to 2022. And when it comes to the world of interior design, our homes are feeling it, too. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing like cozying up in front of the fire, and I love the comfort of a blanket draped over every chair. But there’s something about the fresh inspiration that comes from throwing open the windows and welcoming warmer temps. Clearly, I’ve got a case of spring fever, and the only way to satisfy it is by bringing a few of the top spring décor trends of 2022 into my home.

Sprucing up your square footage for the spring season ahead should be a source of joy, not stress. While it can be tempting to do a complete overhaul, incorporating a few fresh changes is a great place to start. And there’s no better way to dive in than by getting expert advice and inspiration from some of the best in the biz. I tapped Tara Miller, owner and lead interior designer at Heartland Interior Design; Kate Lester, creative director and CEO of Kate Lester Interiors; Hillary Stamm of HMS Interiors; Sarah Stacey, lead interior designer at Sarah Stacey Interior Design; Jessica Nicastro of Jessica Nicastro Design; and Georgie Smith and Hilary Gibbs of LIVDEN.

Buckle up and take note—this star-studded list of designers has all the trend predictions you need to start your spring in style.

Feature image by Molly Winters

Image by Hannah Haston

Trend #1: Greenery 

No surprises here—our love of plants will never die. Particularly in the spring, when in some climates it can still be too cold to bravely venture outdoors, bringing a little (or a lot!) of greenery can give you the warm weather comfort you crave. “Selecting plants with pops of color will add vibrancy to any room,” advises Miller. “Try to pick plants that are easy to maintain or go with a faux plant for a maintenance-free route.”

Afloral Natural Touch Pothos Hanging Fake Plant

Afloral Natural Touch Pothos Hanging Fake Plant, $54

The Sill Large Fan Palm

The Sill Large Fan Palm, $75

Photo by Amy Bartlam. Design by Kate Lester Interiors.

Trend #2: Creative Cabinetry 

Updating your bathrooms is a relatively low-lift way to reinvigorate your entire home. A little organizing goes a long way and incorporating a few new pieces can wake up the space. Another option for making an impact? The cabinets, of course. If it’s a contemporary look you’re after, Lester suggests a vertical paneled door detail or a flat panel style. Add some unique and eye-catching hardware, and you’re good to go. When it comes to a spring refresh, it doesn’t hurt to be different.

West Elm Mid-Century Double Bath Console

West Elm Mid-Century Double Bath Console, $2,399

Joss & Main Knighten Single Bathroom Vanity Set

Joss & Main Knighten Single Bathroom Vanity Set, $660

Image by Lauren Pressey

Trend #3: Having Fun in the Foyer

In many homes, the foyer is a forgotten space that doesn’t get the love it deserves. But in 2022, we’re changing things up. “This is a room, but more importantly, it’s the first room people see when they come to your home,” notes Stamm. The foyer is going to be a major space of impact in the home this year. Don’t be afraid to make it amazing!” Try incorporating sentimental or vintage items that bring personality to your space. Referring to the project above, Stamm calls out her favorites, “Here, the client’s mother’s vintage mirror, paired with a few favorite books and baskets, creates a styled but welcome vibe.”

Cooper Classics Rectangle Accent Mirror

Cooper Classics Rectangle Accent Mirror, $258

Lulu and Georgia Rivka Rug

Lulu and Georgia Rivka Rug, from $52

Image by Hannah Haston

Trend #4: Color, Texture, and Warmth 

Sorry to say it, but gone are the days of the all-white kitchen. While images of it soothed our pandemic-rattled brains in the middle of 2020 and into 2021, this year is all about bringing an organic warmth to our spaces. Nicastro loves introducing the trend into a space through metal hardware and plumbing fixtures. “We love the look of a matte bronze in the kitchen that gives depth while also suggesting warmth.”

Parallel to this is a collective desire to add a pop of personality and fun to our homes. “We will see a ton of color and warm wood tones to really give your home a lived-in look,” Nicastro notes.

Schoolhouse Edgecliff Pull

Schoolhouse Edgecliff Pull, from $34

Rejuvenation Paulson Appliance Pull

Rejuvenation Paulson Appliance Pull, $199

Image by Molly Winters

Trend #5: Reflecting Nature Through Color 

It’s no secret that we’re all craving a little comfort and calm to assuage our (continued) stress response to all that’s been thrown our way over the past two years. Spring 2022’s manifestation of that fact? An abundance of natural colors. “Think yellows, greens, and orange-y reds,” observes Stacey. “I also think darker jewel tones and moodier colors will become even more popular.” Best news of all? These shades are super versatile. “You can really play around with them throughout your home,” says Stacey. “When using darker colors, always use a matte finish. The sheen in even eggshell will look too shiny on darker colors.” Noted!

Farrow & Ball Lancaster Yellow

Farrow & Ball Lancaster Yellow, Sample Pot $8

Benjamin Moore Jeweled Peach

Benjamin Moore Jeweled Peach, Sample Pint $10.99

Image by Hannah Zahner

Trend #6: Sustainability = Sexy

With global warming being a major concern for most, we’re seeing a shift in people prioritizing sustainable living practices and products. “Consciously designed and responsibly manufactured products are going to be at the forefront of every home,” predicts Smith and Gibbs. “From building materials to furniture, consumers are looking to adopt more innovative products that are designed from the start with sustainability in mind.”

What does this involve? Just about everything, really. There’s no part of your home that can’t benefit from a sustainable glow-up. Expect to see smart thermostats, recycled water systems, and plenty more. Conscious consumption? Now that’s hot.

Nest Thermostat

Nest Thermostat, $129.99

Pentair FreshPoint Reverse Osmosis System

Pentair FreshPoint Reverse Osmosis System, $359.55 (reg. $423)

Image by Kate Zimmerman Turpin

Trend #7: Landscape Art 

That’s right, it’s no longer just for hanging in museums. Landscape art is finding its way into countless residences across the country. Miller shares how to make it happen for your space: “Add a small to mid-sized piece of landscape art to any bookshelf, nook, or kitchen counter to immediately add a little spirit to your room.” If you’re not looking to shell out major $$ for an original piece, hanging up a print will achieve the same impact.

Splendus Beach Landscape Painting

Splendus Beach Landscape Painting, from $25.06

Eco Shop Antique Landscape Painting

Eco Shop Antique Landscape Painting, from $29.99

Ashley Robertson’s home photographed by Danielle Sabol

Trend #8: American-Made Design 

We know you know: Supply chains have continued to be disrupted by the ongoing pandemic. While we’re thankfully past the season of companies sending out an onslaught of “shop early!” emails, getting anything shipped on time (what does that even mean anymore?) is no longer a given. Solution: Moving toward a more localized economy. “We anticipate an uptick in American-made design and domestic manufacturers,” Gibbs and Smith predict. “Consumers have a heightened awareness of not only where their products are being made, but how they’re being made. They want to support companies that positively impact their community and their planet.” Two-day Prime shipping? Don’t need it.

Lyndon Furniture Country Windsor Chair

Lyndon Furniture Country Windsor Chair, $843

Mosser Glass 3-Piece Mixing Bowl Set

Mosser Glass 3-Piece Mixing Bowl Set, from $82

Photo by Nick Glimenakis for Tali Roth Designs

Trend #9: Bold Colors for Both Ceilings and Walls

Time to paint outside the self-imposed lines. While organic, nature-inspired colors will be covering our walls (see trend #5), bold hues are definitely back. Spring is the perfect time to awaken your space with a little energy-giving splash of paint. Miller breaks down all the ways this trend will revive your home. “Painting the walls and ceiling the same bold color is such a dynamic trend for the spring! It will give the space more of a high-design hospitality vibe rather than your run-of-the-mill cookie-cutter home aesthetic.” Miller’s biggest tip? Proceed without fear. “Paint it all and wait a few weeks to let the change really set in. Give yourself the time to become fully accustomed and comfortable with your big change.” High-impact, indeed.

Benjamin Moore Richmond Green

Benjamin Moore Richmond Green, Sample Pint $10.99

Farrow & Ball Sloe Blue

Farrow & Ball Sloe Blue, Sample Pot $8

Photo by Amy Bartlam. Design by Kate Lester Interiors.

Trend #10: Personalized Pieces

We’re setting aside mass-produced art pieces for wall décor that feels more meaningful and aligned with our own personal tastes. Lester attributes this to the rise of what she calls “printable art” companies. “With companies like Juniper Print Shop and ready-framed customizable fine art from places like Artfully Walls, we will be seeing people skip the options at big-box stores and lean into the more interesting and unique selections that are now available.” Bonus points for also supporting smaller, individual creatives!

Artfully Walls “Geometric Abstract” by Joanne Hastie

“Geometric Abstract” by Joanne Hastie, from $55

Juniper “Meditation” by Jenny Komenda

“Meditation” by Jenny Komenda, from $20

Which trends are you most excited to bring into your space come spring?

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