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10 Design Trends I’m Stealing for My Thanksgiving Table This Year

Casual, handmade, unfussy.

By Camille Styles
thanksgiving decor ideas and trends

Every year, I love dreaming up a warm and welcoming Thanksgiving table to share here with you guys on the site—and then to recreate on Thanksgiving Day when we host the big feast for our family. Consider this my practice round! I usually put a new twist on my tried-and-true aesthetic of warm, layered neutrals and natural elements, and this year I honed in on a handful of design trends I’m translating for my 2022 Thanksgiving table decor.

My top priority with any Thanksgiving tablescape is that it’s simple enough to be totally stress-free on the day of. That’s why my number one tip is to set the table completely the night before—there’s plenty to do on Thanksgiving just to get all the food on the table! This year, I’ll also be tucking simple conversation starters under each plate, to spark lively discussion throughout the meal. Creating connection and meaningful conversation is what it’s all about.

Scroll on for 10 Thanksgiving table decor ideas and trends to steal this year. And of course, I’m also sharing the shopping links to everything I used for my own Thanksgiving table setting.

thanksgiving table decor ideas and trends 2022, simple easy

1. Dried Flowers

Dried flowers and branches have been a leading trend in the interior design world for a couple years, so it’s no surprise they’re making their way onto the holiday table. The look is modern, relaxed, and of course, budget-friendly since you can keep using your dried flowers for years, instead of tossing fresh blooms. I already owned these dried stems and had them displayed around my house, so this Thanksgiving centerpiece took me about 10 minutes (and zero dollars) to create.

thanksgiving decor ideas and trends
thanksgiving decor ideas and trends

2. Handmade ceramics

It’s no secret that I love handmade ceramics, and thankfully, the warmth and rusticity of handcrafted objects is majorly on-trend (and I think it’s a trend that’ll never go out of style!) The wabi-sabi vibes of these terra cotta pitchers and vases elevates my simple dried flowers, and these farmhouse-inspired plates feel like classics that have been in the family forever.

thanksgiving decor ideas and trends

3. Casual Napkin and Linens

Gone are the days of perfectly-starched linen tablecloths. These days, I almost always opt for a casual woven table runner or linen table throw that lets the beauty of a wood table show through. For this look, I casually pulled a fringed linen napkin through this beautiful wheat napkin ring for a look that’s both thoughtful and relaxed. If you want, you could tuck a place card just next to the napkin so that each guest knows where to sit.

By the way, I almost never iron my tablecloths anymore. I love my wrinkle release spray, and give the entire linen tablecloth or runner a spritz before I shake it out or throw it in the dryer. The result is that perfectly rumpled (but not too wrinkled) look that I love.

4. Recycled Glassware

Handmade recycled glassware is having a major moment, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Not only is recycled glassware a sustainable option (it removes millions of pounds of glass waste from landfills, and cuts the resources needed for production.) It’s also beautiful and durable, thanks to a thicker, sturdier wall. I love the more rustic and substantial look that recycled wine glasses and goblets bring to the Thanksgiving table, and my favorite options below are made using fair trade production.

thanksgiving decor ideas and trends

5. Woven Placemats

If we’re talking table design trends for 2022, we should really make that “Woven EVERYTHING.” I’ve been on the woven train for quite some time, and a chunky woven placemat is the perfect way to create a textural, earthy backdrop to a neutral table setting.

6. Flameless Candles (that look real!)

For last year’s Thanksgiving tablescape, I used these gorgeous beeswax pillar candles… that promptly burned down and dripped wax all over my table runner. SO, this year, I was intrigued by the new realistic-looking flameless candles that feature an actual flickering effect that makes these look so real. Also, they exterior surrounded by a glass holder, enhancing the real factor. They’ve got a 1000 hour burn time with battery, so you can have that flickering warm glow all season long. Consider me obsessed.

thanksgiving table decor ideas and trends 2022, simple easy
thanksgiving table decor ideas and trends 2022, simple easy

7. Neutrals with texture

Yep, I’m a neutral-loving woman, and I lean hard into all the organic earth tones for Thanksgiving. I mean, it’s the season of fall leaves and autumn colors, so it’s kinda the perfect time. That said, I still want my Thanksgiving table decor to be elevated and feel special. Enter: as much texture as possible. From the ribbed border on these plates to the chunky linen runner to the woven placemat, I incorporated texture galore that makes this table feel warm and layered.

8. Non-fussy place settings

Elevated does not have to equal fancy, as shown by my simple place settings that include a single dinner fork and knife, plus a multipurpose goblet that works equally well for water or wine. It’s a modern take on a “proper” place setting, and I’m fully on board.

thanksgiving decor ideas and trends

9. Branches and Berries

Another design trend that’s made its way to the table: natural elements that bring the outdoors in. Last year I used small pumpkins and branches with fall leaves in earthy shades that I arranged in a big statement-making vase in the center of the table. This year, I kept it simpler by laying a single, sculptural berry branch down the center of the table, like a natural runner. The tiny orange berries brought in just enough pop of color to give harvest vibes.

thanksgiving table decor ideas and trends 2022, simple easy

10. Fruit as decor

The Thanksgiving feast is all about the bounty of fall’s harvest, so it’s the perfect time to let that produce shine as decor—that you can also eat! My cheese board featured beautiful autumn pears and red grapes, so I placed it on this marble lazy susan and let it play double duty as both appetizer and centerpiece. Then I scattered a few more pears among the berry branches for a centerpiece that felt abundant and effortless.