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The Stress-Free Guide to Sending Holiday Cards

Season’s greetings sans the panic attack.

By Camille Styles
camille styles's holiday cards from minted

images by hannah haston

Do I or don’t I? ‘Tis the question I often ask myself when November rolls around and I’m debating whether or not to send a family holiday card. I used to think that I had to send out cards (like it made me a responsible adult), but then got to a point where I decided to only practice holiday traditions that have personal meaning and don’t stress me out. I skipped a couple years when life got too busy, and this year? I realized that, thanks to some lifesaving new online services, I don’t have to choose between sending out holiday cards and staying unstressed – I can have the best of both worlds. Scroll on for details on the exact Minted offerings I took advantage of to make ordering, addressing, and mailing my cards so easy that it almost feels like cheating.

camille styles's holiday cards from minted

1. “Find It Fast” feature

Y’all, this is a total lifesaver. Instead of creating 20 different online mock-ups to see how your specific photos would look in different cards, all you have to do is click the Use My Photo button to upload as many photos as you’d like, then see them autofill into all the different designs displayed on the shopping page. It takes all the guesswork, and helped me identify which card I wanted to order in about 5 minutes.

camille styles's holiday cards from minted

2. Free recipient address printing

This is the lifesaver of all holiday lifesavers. Hand addressing envelopes, a task that used to take me days to complete, has now been taken completely off my plate thanks to Minted’s FREE recipient address printing. Upload your addresses (they get saved year after year in your account), then choose the style that matches your cards. I used this handwritten font that is so realistic it’s almost hard to believe that I didn’t slave away writing these myself!

camille styles's holiday cards from minted

3. Free custom envelopes – and option to add matching stamps!

How cute are these stamps that coordinate with my envelopes and cards? No more running out of stamps or last-minute standing in line at the post office. I have truly never felt so organized with such little effort on my part. And the envelopes come in options that are almost as gorgeous as the card designs themselves.

4. Endless designs to choose from, all sourced from independent artists

The only hard part about the entire process was choosing between all the beautifully-designed options. I fell in love with several different designs that worked perfectly with my photos, so it was tough to narrow it down! Here are a few of the other options that almost made the cut:

“Love Letter” Photo Card by Yours Madly

“Wonderful Year” Photo Card by Robin Ott

“Just Enough Merry” Photo Card by Susan Brown

“The Edit” Photo Card by Design Lotus