Weekend Notes

By Camille Styles

blood orange cardamom cake

Morning, friends! This weekend has so far been my absolute favorite kind: tons of sunshine, brunch with my sister, reading new books, making dinner on the grill, and yes — we actually spent a few hours in the pool yesterday (in February!) Crazy, I know. Work has felt incredibly busy lately between a really full shooting schedule, plus being in the middle of our studio renovation (among other big projects we’re working on), and I’ve been craving some time to ditch work and fully relax. Sure a getaway somewhere would be great, but it’s amazing how much better I feel after just a few hours of unplugging and resting at home! Do you guys have any strategies for getting vacation-level recharged without actually traveling anywhere? I’d love to hear your tips, and keep scrolling for my favorite links from around the web over the past week. xo


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This blood orange & cardamom cake just looks like spring (pictured above.)

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Healthful double chocolate cookies — yes please! 

This mediterranean roasted red pepper pizza is def happening at our house this week.

A beginner’s guide to meal prep.

*and a few fun things you may have missed!

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This chicken dish is what’s for dinner tonight.

*photos: the sweet & simple kitchen, alison gootee for garden & gun