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Eden Grinshpan

January 16th, 2017

The moment you step inside the Williamsburg home of Eden Grinsphan and Ido Nivron, your taste buds light up. The aroma of warming spices fills the air and suddenly, all you can think about is getting your hands on whatever is in that oven. The foodie is cooking up something special, and today — just a few months before the arrival of their first child — I’m lucky enough to be crashing Eden and Ido’s date night. As the energetic and passionate foodie behind the Cooking Channel show Eden Eats, Eden travels the world with her husband discovering and eating delicious food (dream job!), then back home in Brooklyn, she translates that inspiration into her Middle East-inspired healthy dishes. Keep reading for a few of Eden’s signatures (she can transform beets like nobody’s business), and to hear her argument for why tahini makes everything better.

Follow Eden’s adventures on Instagram or catch her as the judge on Cooking Channel’s Sugar Showdown and Donut Showdown and Food Network’s Chopped Canada. Most exciting of all, keep an eye out for Eden’s Middle Eastern restaurant debut, Dez in NYC!

*photography and interview by Alison Engstrom

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    Eden travels the world with her husband discovering and eating delicious food

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