How to Host a Post Workout Social

By Jenn Rose Smith
Post Workout Social | Camille Styles

Does it ever seem like almost everything we do socially works against fitness? After so many book club meetings, happy hours, and dinners our team decided it was high time we mixed two of our favorite things: appetizers and endorphins. We got our blood flowing on the trail, then headed over to Outdoor Voices to meet up with Amanda McArthur to learn how to host a post-workout social. We had a total blast hanging at the OV store, and we are complete converts to the post-workout party concept. Why hit the gym alone when you could be working out and hanging out at the same time? So skip the shower and meet us for a cocktail — there’s serious fun to be had.

photographed by kristen kilpatrick

Access to the Butler Hike and Bike Trail, a sprawling 10 mile trail system in the heart of the city, is absolutely one of the best things about living in downtown Austin. Camille, Chanel and I met on the trail near my house to begin our early morning walk around Lady Bird Lake.

We’re so used to being with each other in the office each morning, it was a really fun change of pace to start our day just chatting and being outside together.

We completed a 3.1 mile loop around Lady Bird Lake in just under 45 minutes — a brisk walk that left us feeling energized and excited for brunch.

Afterwards we headed over to meet up with our friend Amanda McArthur, marketing and partnerships guru at Outdoor Voices, to get her tips on how to host a post-workout social hour.

Our team is genuinely obsessed with Outdoor Voices apparel — after years of frustrated shopping in the sportswear department, it’s like FINALLY someone gets us. We couldn’t wait to get inside the store and check out the new fall collection, and to see what Amanda had in store for us…

Okay, so we really like the sound of a post workout social hour. But what is it? And what it makes it fun?

Amanda: Our goal at Outdoor Voices is to bring people together through activity.  Especially in this busy day and age, it’s so hard to fit everything in and maintain any sort of sanity – work, home life, social life, and staying fit – it’s a lot! Why not combine a few efforts, socialize, and get a good sweat in at the same time?! We love our Joggers Clubs for exactly that – it’s building community and socializing and you end back up together for coffee (or beers).

OV seems to have a different, more social approach to fitness that we can totally relate to. What inspires the Outdoor Voices girl when it comes to fitness and staying in shape?

We always say that we are active, but not defined by it. I think that resonates with our generation – activity is baked into our natural lifestyle and less about checking off that hour at the gym. Just get out there, grab some friends – move, have fun!

Where could you hold a post-workout social hour? Would it work at a personal home or a restaurant? 

Go anywhere that you feel comfortable hanging out with your group of friends and (preferably) not going to undo all the good efforts you just put into your workout.

Our whole team is obsessed with the clothes here and especially the leggings. What makes OV clothing special?

The fabric. Fabric is the number one obsession at Outdoor Voices. In addition to the compression, OV’s leggings have a unique layered texture that also hides imperfections – and sweat! We source fabrics that are functional and flattering. And the color palette is a range of rich, beautiful hues. The holiday collection is going to be special.

Do you need to change clothes after you work out? Or do you go straight into the social hour?

I don’t want to bother with getting dressed up after a workout, so I’ll just change into a clean sports bra and new tee. I’m also a big fan of working out with my hair in a braid and then pulling it down for a post-workout ‘do – it adds a messy texture that I’ve come to love.

How do you plan a great post-workout menu?

You keep it zippy and light and energizing. Today we’re serving homemade banana bread (I love it and it totally reminds me of what I’d get after sports games as a kid), yogurt and granola parfaits, mimosas (it’s a party, right?) and water. Always water! You gotta hydrate post-sweat.

What type of music works best for this kind of hangout?

Upbeat and fun. I love classics like David Bowie or Fleetwood Mac on a playlist. Lately I’ve been crowd-sourcing my playlists and having the entire group contribute their favorites beforehand. It reminds me of being in a dive bar with a jukebox. It’s kind of spastic and you have no idea what’s coming up next.

Austin is such an active city with so many options when it comes to fitness. What activities do you love doing when it comes to working out/staying fit?

I love it all. There are SO many amazing fitness options in this city – I can’t speak highly enough of all the great studios.  Yoga grounds me after a long day at work, Pilates or strength training is my favorite exercise for toning, and I will ALWAYS be happy to get outside for a run or hike around the trail, walk my dog Milly on the Greenbelt, stand up paddle boarding in the summer with friends … we live in an amazing city for activity.

The interior of the Outdoor Voices store is every bit as fresh and inspiring as the clothes.

Our team enjoyed yogurt granola parfaits, one of Amanda’s go-to post workout meals.

Chanel and I hung with Outdoor Voices employee Megan Parra before heading outside to get crafty…

Outside the store we were greeted with a rose covered craft table with supplies to make our own post-workout rosewater spritzers, inspired by this fun tutorial at Nutrition Stripped.

We loved the rose spritzer craft! Is it a good idea to have a small craft or activity at a post-workout social?

The craft was a fun touch! It kept people standing and moving and laughing.

Read the full DIY on to create your own post workout spritzers here.

The first ingredient for our post workout spritzers was store bought rosewater, which we diluted down with water for a much more subtle fragrance.

We also added jojoba oil and real rose petals to our post work-out spray.

The finished product! The rose petals only last a day or so, but they’re so gorgeous inside the spray bottle…

Amanda stops to smell the roses.

Everyone’s spray bottle turned out a little bit differently due to the different petals we selected. But all were gorgeous!

Things have a tendency of getting silly when this team has mimosas before noon.

The crafting table turned into a beautiful mess of flowers, petals, and, oil…

… and this was one killer way to start out a Tuesday. Can we please do it again next week?

Thank you Amanda, and Outdoor Voices, for inspiring us to get moving!