2 Delicious Ways to Put a Twist on Hummus

By Camille Styles

It was 80 degrees in Austin last weekend, and I threw on a bikini and jumped in the pool. Nevermind that it’s the middle of February; that one hot day was all it took to send me into total countdown-to-summer mode. Over the past few days, I’ve ordered a new swimsuit, sipped a margarita, and mixed up these two creative hummus recipes that have sunny day vibes written all over them (though they’re totally acceptable if you’re still suffering through winter.) Pro tip: these taste better if consumed while wearing cutoffs and flip flops. Keep scrolling for the recipes…

*photos by kate lesueur

For a casual weekend get-together, it’s hard to beat that massive bowl of chips and guacamole (with a massive pitcher of margaritas), but the combo’s not exactly conducive to #BikiniBod goals that tend to strike at this time of year. I love to make a big batch of my perfect baked sweet potato fries as a healthy alternative to greasy chips. If you’re feeling really virtuous, bell pepper strips or carrots make delicious dip-ins, too.

This spicy cilantro hummus combines all the mouthwatering flavors of guacamole for the most delicious hybrid of my two favorite dips. This one’s loaded with plant-based protein from the chickpeas, which means you’ll feel satisfied with a smaller portion than less nutrient-packed dips — plus, it can easily stand in for a healthy light lunch.

By the way, these both come together in less than 5 minutes since they involve nothing more than throwing a handful of ingredients in the blender or food processor. Which is basically my recipe for the perfect party food, since you can blend them up before anyone arrives and then dig in right along with your guests.

These are obviously all about the garnishes! A humble bowl of hummus is totally transformed into party-ready status with a few creative toppings (jalapeno, cilantro, lime wedges, sprinkle of chili powder.) This is the time to let your inner artist shine: a little extra effort towards the presentation goes a long way.

*if you’re looking for more great party snacks, check out these sweet potato crostini, my favorite fancy guacamole recipes, and an under-$25 cheese board!

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  1. Ted says:

    Can’t wait to try the black bean hummus ,never heard of it before, thanks for sharing !

  2. Blush & Pearls says:

    Love these options! Now I’m hungry.

    Blush & Pearls by Angela

  3. Kate Smith says:

    Hello from Australia. I made the cilantro hummus and I have never made a successful one. This was so so good! I will be making it weekly. Thanks Camille! Austin seems so far away and cool, so great to have a recipe from your kitchen!

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