It’s Still a (Cherry) Tomato Girl Summer—Here’s What to Make With Those Cuties This Month

From vine to table.

By Casey McKee
creamy vegan pasta_cherry tomato recipes

When it comes to a nature-made masterpiece, few ingredients capture the bursting-with-flavor beauty of late summer quite like tomatoes. With a perfectly in-season bite that ranges from sweet to tangy, cherry tomatoes in particular have the power to elevate any dish they grace. Whether you’re plucking them fresh from your garden or selecting the brightest vine at the market, cherry tomatoes offer a burst of freshness that embodies the essence of the sun-soaked season.

Here at Camille Styles, cherry tomatoes are our go-to for lunches, dinners, and everything in between. Ahead, we’re diving into the world of cherry tomato recipes, exploring what makes them better than your ordinary pick, how to prepare them to perfection, and even sharing some life-changing hacks for effortless slicing.

Featured image by Michelle Nash.

creamy vegan pasta cherry tomato recipes
Image by Michelle Nash

What makes cherry tomatoes so great?

Whether tossed into salads, roasted as a confit with olive oil and herbs, or sautéed to release their rich juices, cherry tomatoes have a special ability to add both complexity and simplicity to dishes. These little guys have a sweetness that strikes a perfect balance with gentle acidity.

How to Pick the Best Cherry Tomatoes

Before you decide to throw some cherry tomatoes into your weeknight recipe, it’s essential to know how to select them. Your best bet is to pick tomatoes that are firm yet yielding, with a glossy skin that looks as if they’re about to burst. (Spoiler—they will!) Their small size makes them perfect for eating whole, but I tend to enjoy them best sliced in half or quartered.

Tips for Prepping Cherry Tomatoes

We know slicing cherry tomatoes can be daunting because of their juiciness, but fear not—for we have just the hack to ensure effortless slicing while still maintaining all the good flavors. Gently press downward while holding multiple cherry tomatoes between two plates or surfaces. This makes it easy to halve multiple fruits, all in a single, swift motion. When you’re looking to save time but also maintain the plumpness of the tomatoes, this is a game-changing hack.

10 Cherry Tomato Recipes Bursting With Flavor

brushetta with slow-roasted tomatoes

Bruschetta with Slow-Roasted Tomatoes

Why We Love It: Ah, bruschetta. It might just be one of the most perfect cherry tomato recipes—especially when prepared to emphasize the tomatoes’ natural flavor. Paired with rich, creamy ricotta and fluffy sourdough bread, this bruschetta spreads neatly and elegantly as the perfect toast topping.

Hero Ingredient: There’s something about ricotta and toast that I can’t get over. Creamy and crispy, it’s a match made in snacking heaven.

Mediterranean Baked Salmon with  Olives, Capers, and cherry tomato recipes

Mediterranean Baked Salmon with Tomatoes, Olives, and Capers

Why We Love It: I’ll take any excuse to use my cast iron skillet for dinner—especially when it involves salmon. If this recipe didn’t win you over just by its looks, it will with how it tastes. Bright, zesty, and super summery, this one-pan dish is a total table stunner that lets you enjoy all the best flavors of the season.

Hero Ingredient: Lemon adds the perfect zest to your salmon.

Creamy Vegan Pasta with cherry tomatoes recipes

Creamy Vegan Pasta With Tomatoes

Why We Love It: When it comes to recipe repeats, this is one of my top ten. It’s incredibly easy to throw together and doesn’t fill me up like traditional pasta dishes do. A little bit of lemon zest brightens up your bowl, and the creamy walnut sauce provides a decadent richness. There’s nothing not to love.

Hero Ingredient: Fresh basil is a must.

whole roasted chicken cherry tomato recipe

Whole Roasted Chicken

Why We Love It: Don’t let the idea of cooking a whole chicken intimidate you. This recipe is super simple and packed with flavor. The tomatoes infuse this chicken with a sweet richness that’ll make it hard to pass up a second serving.

Hero Ingredient: The cherry tomatoes are the real winner in this one-pan dish.

Summer Spaghetti with Tomatoes, Burrata, and Basil

Summer Spaghetti with Tomatoes, Burrata, and Basil

Why We Love It: Burrata is having its moment, and this recipe is one of my favorite ways to use it. Tomatoes and basil are the ultimate pairing to highlight the fresh creaminess of this cheese. And what’s better than enjoying these flavors paired with pasta?

Hero Ingredient: A little bit of parmesan cheese goes a long way.

Miso Tomato Pasta

Miso Tomato Pasta

Why We Love It: At times, cherry tomato recipes need a bold flavor as a complement. For that reason, our food editor Suruchi turned to miso to bring forward a delicious umami component that ties this pasta recipe together. It’s so much better than your typical bowl of carbs.

Hero Ingredient: Fresh garlic is the way to go when roasting your tomatoes.

watermelon tomato caprese salad

Watermelon Tomato Caprese Salad

Why We Love It: Summer in a bowl. This watermelon tomato caprese salad tops just about any other salad I could think to construct during the summer months. Refreshing, bursting with flavor, and surprisingly filling.

Hero Ingredient: Watermelon and summer, nothing could be better.

tomato avocado cucumber salad

Tomato, Avocado, and Cucumber Salad

Why We Love It: With a little bit of heat, this salad packs a whole lot into one bowl. These fresh cherry tomatoes bring a burst of flavor that’s mellowed out by the sliced avocado. This salad also has a unique texture that’ll keep you guessing after every bite.

Hero Ingredient: A sliced jalapeño is a great way to kick up this salad’s heat.

charlie bird farro salad

Charlie Bird Farro Salad

Why We Love It: Warm and crunchy, this farro salad brings so much more to the table than your typical side. Farro is such a versatile grain that pairs well with a variety of flavors, including juicy cherry tomatoes. If you’re looking for a cherry tomato recipe that’ll fill you up, you’ve come to the right place.

Hero Ingredient: Arugula is the perfect bit of freshness.

tuna nicoise toast

Tuna Nicoise Avocado Toast

Why We Love It: It’s not often that I have the chance to implement tuna into my daily recipes, but this Niçoise-inspired avocado toast is one I adore. The fish is so tender and mildly sweet, allowing it to pair perfectly with fresh fruits and veggies.

Hero Ingredient: Tuna is what brings this toast to the next level.

easy bruschetta

Easy Bruschetta

Why We Love It: As the name suggests, this bruschetta couldn’t be simpler (or more delicious). While cherry tomatoes aren’t always the first pick for traditional bruschetta, they deliver incredible of flavor and texture.

Hero Ingredient: A quality pesto is a great way to elevate your bruschetta.

sunday night avocado toast

Sunday Night Avocado Toast

Why We Love It: Sunday night or any night, this avocado toast is a weekly favorite. A jammy egg has a unique flavor and texture that’s highlighted by rich, tomatoey flavors. Squeeze a bit of lime on top and you’ve got yourself breakfast, lunch, or a savory snack.

Hero Ingredient: Everything bagel seasoning? More, please.